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Will I Rage? Marvel Heroes 2015 Review

When Marvel Heroes first arrived on the scene a year ago there were a lot of bad reviews of the game, and fairly a lot of the points made were legitimate complaints. However, in a years time the game has evolved, and with input from the player base, constant updates and an upgrade to the business model I believe that its time to take another look at this Gazillion title.

Original Complaint #1: Heroes and costumes drop rate almost non-existent
It's true. When Marvel Heroes first dropped if you got a hero to drop, or a cool costume you were insanely lucky. The drop rates were horrible and it felt like they were kept that way to increase sales with real money. However, this has all but been fixed as far as characters go with the introduction of Eternity Splinters. These are a form of currency in game that drop quite frequently, and with these you can now purchase new heroes. Costumes are more or less Item Store only still (Unless your extremely lucky) as are Team-Ups. however costumes are purely cosmetic, and Team-Ups are useful but not needed. So I'm actually fine with them making them their main source of micro transaction income. I believe that the current model is perfect. You can purchase costumes, heroes (if you choose to be lazy), boosts, stash tabs, etc. with real money. Stash tabs are the only thing that you could argue is a "must have", and that is only if your a hoarder. So if you do horde, buy a tab or two it won't kill you.

Original Complaint: #2: There isn't much to do at end game....
This is also true. In it's very early days there was a couple things you could do at end game. Terminals and a couple purple terminal challenges. However today there are many things for a level 60 to do to keep busy. You have daily green & red terminals of course, the special "cosmic terminals", and the newly added "One-Shot" Terminals. Right now the only One-Shot is the Man-Ape one, but more are on the way.  You also have a newly designed level 60 cow level, X-Defense, Midtown Madness, PVP (although still beta), as well as the newly released "Raids". Currently there are two, surprisingly challenging raid fights with more on the way.

Original Complaint: #3: "Gear optimization is horrible, and melee characters are almost impossible to play!"

First thing I'll say is since release they have fixed defense and dodge rating, so melee characters do just fine now. As far as itemization goes they have added plenty of new things. The addition of Legendary items (must be leveled), Many uniques (both character only and any character uniques exist), cosmic items including rings, cosmic medallions, much better costume cores, Blessings, Enchants, Rune words, and insignias. Furthermore a lot of old stats, and older items have been tuned. All in all, itemization in Marvel Heroes today is doing just fine, and constantly improving.

Original Complaint #4: "My favorite hero sucks!" or "My favorite hero isn't even in the game!"
Admittedly it sucks when you get your favorite hero, and 15 minutes later you come to that horrible realization that "wow......he sucks....". Luckily since release most characters have been significantly reviewed, reworked, and made significantly better. Also every month, another hero is up for "review" and is tweaked, and sometimes totally reworked. Now it can be equally frustrated when you find out that despite how popular you feel that character is, that he/she isn't in the game. At launch a lot of heroes were missing. However since then, there have been many more released, and there is a huge list of heroes that are confirmed to be released over the next year including some villains such as Venom, The Juggernaut, and Magneto. So if your favorite character isn't currently in game, rest assured that soon enough he/she will be and if the amazing game play of Dr. Strange, Taskmaster, and Psylocke to name a few is any indication of things to come it will be worth the wait. For a list of all current heroes click the following link.

Original Complaint #5: "The free "starter" heroes suck!"
In the beginning you had a very few choices as your "starter" character. You had Storm, Scarlet Witch, Thing, Hawkeye, and Daredevil. Not a great selection at all. However now days, your choices of a starter hero are much larger with Human Torch, Storm, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Punisher, and Captain America. A much better selection to choose from than the original few characters offered a year ago. conclusion
These are just a few of the complaints that I heard the most from people early last year about Marvel Heroes. However I must say that over the past year with the addition of everything above, as well as an entire new chapter where you get to travel to Asgard and do battle with Loki and Kurse that Gazillion has been busy taking these complaints to heart, and giving the players the game that they truly wanted. Admittedly some characters still feel under-powered, over-powered, and in a couple cases glitchy. However these issues are fixed each month with character reviews. I will not tell you that marvel heroes is the perfect game. There are a few issues that I wish would be changed. First off, the inability to add a "second" action bar, so instead you have to cycle through them. This is doable with hot keys, or even better with macros. However it would make life a lot easier to add a second action bar. We've been using the old diablo II method of dropping items to trade for a year, however this has been fixed with a brand new "Trade Screen". What I will say is that over one years time that Gazillion has completely turned around a game that had a lackluster release at best, and made it an incredibly fun game to play. Is it perfect? Of course not. But what game is? If your looking for a game with incredible replay value for each character, an ARPG/MMO hybrid that brings fresh concepts to ARPGs such as the addition of the MMO exclusive Raid content then give Marvel Heroes a try, you won't be disappointed!

Original Score: 2.5/5

Marvel Heroes 2015 Score: 4/5    (Impressive improvement to the original game in one years time)

Download Marvel Heroes Today and try for free! or download on steam!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Groundbreaking news: STUDIO 777™ is Going Public On Second Life's® Capital Exchange June 7, 2014!

Second Life's #1 Gaming Resort and Dance Club
becomes a publicly traded company!

If you've spent any serious amount of time in the Second Life® virtual world then you no doubt know about STUDIO 777 Skill Gaming Resort, Mall and Nightclub. Chances are you've at least been there a few times to play one of their many skill based games, or perhaps to attend the nightly events from 6-8 PM SLT (PST) at TREASURE, the resorts exclusive in dance club. There is no disputing that STUDIO 777 is without a doubt the #1 skill gaming resort in the Second Life world, however this week the name STUDIO 777 has blown up outside of the Second Life virtual world gracing over 1,000 websites including CNN iReport article with the news that this very successful business has decided to go public on the Capital Exchange. When I sat down with founder and CEO of STUDIO 777 Luke Slingshot I asked:

RT: What made you decide to go public with the company?

Luke Slingshot: Skip Oceanlane, the CEO of CapEx, had been talking with me about it for the last two years and we were always interested but we were growing so fast there never was a good time. Recently, we've been thinking of expansion into new business areas, and being able to use IPO proceeds and our stock was compelling so we went ahead and agreed to join Capital Exchange.

The Capital Exchange is the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game in the Second Life virtual world. The Capital Exchange trades shares in public companies within the Second Life virtual world such as Smartbots (CAPEX: BOTS), Earn2Life (CAPEX:EARN), Bootgasm (CAPEX: BOOT), and Second Ads (CAPEX: ADS) to name a few and on Saturday June 7, 2014 at 5 AM SLT (PST) the gaming resort & dance club titan STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) will be added to The exchange's already impressive lineup. The announcement blew up not only as the #1 topic in Second Life news, but over 1000 other websites ran the story as well. I asked Luke Slingshot:

RT: "When it was decided that STUDIO 777 would go public, did you have any idea that the news would blow up as big as it has with media outlets outside of the SL Community?"

Luke Slingshot: "Hugely not! We knew there would be demand in Second Life because we've been running since 2009 and many of our original players are still with us... but the reaction from the news media has been epic, over 1,000 websites have stories about the IPO and more are coming in the next two days. With tech IPOs being so hot, we imagine editors found the story of a 3D IPO cool and wanted to let readers know about it."

Opening with the stock symbol "FUN", FUN is comprised of several successful enterprises: A Dance Club (TREASURE), JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and the signature Skill Gaming Resort. The company has been profitable since it's arrival on the scene in 2009. Today STUDIO 777 has tens of thousands of customers who come to the resort to play the games to hopefully win one of the L$ Jackpots, Earn Linden Dollars by socializing in open chat with their player tag on, and to enjoy music from one of the top DJ lineups in the Second Life virtual world, the chance to win nightly contests, a huge sploder, and so much more.

While in accordance with Linden Research, Inc's (Developer of Second Life) Terms of Service there can be no guarantees, STUDIO 777 intends that investors will receive percentages of profits through monthly L$ dividends and with the demand the price of shares will rise, creating more investor value. The company is reported to currently have a monthly revenue of L$10,000,000 with L$9,800,000 in expenses.

The "FUN" IPO will be the largest ever to list at Capital Exchange and with the huge outside media attention this story has generated this could very well be one of, if not the most important and exciting event to ever happen to the Second Life business world. All eyes will be on the floor of the exchange Saturday morning, June 7 at 5:00 AM when this titanic IPO goes live so make your way over to the exchange, and make sure to get there early for this groundbreaking event and to pick up your own shares in STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN). If you currently aren't a member of the Second Life Community then go to the Second Life link at the bottom of this article to sign up (it's free!) so you can be a part of virtual world history. I asked Luke Slingshot:

RT: Now that STUDIO 777 is going public, are there any plans for the future of the company that you can tell us at this time?

Luke Slingshot: Saturday's IPO will be a great beginning for expansion and we have several projects ready to go including Vegas Luxury Skyboxes, new Contests and Rewards, more Events and bigger Jackpots. We plan to use our cash and stock for new business ideas and maybe even to buy other companies. The promotion around the IPO has led to many offers, but first the IPO is a top priority!

The STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) IPO opens at 5:00 AM SLT (PST) on Saturday, June 7, 2014 with a monumental initial public offering of 4,000,000 shares of it's common stock at L$1.50 per share. With the demand and buzz surrounding this event the company expects to receive gross proceeds of L$6,000,000 from the offering at closing, which represents 20% of the company.

STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) Official IPO Launch Party

Saturday June 7th, 4:00 - 6:00 AM SLT (PST) (7:00 - 9:00 AM EDT)

Live from the Headquarters of SL Capital Exchange (CapEx) - STUDIO 777 is going public today! We will ring the Opening Bell with a special Launch Party with a surprise guest DJ! I know its early, but you won't want to miss this surprise! All Guests will receive a NYSE Replica Bell, complete with sound, custom made by 777's creative genius KaiReese! YOU CAN INVEST IN STUDIO 777 BEGINNING AT 5AM SLT (8AM EASTERN). Our Ticker is FUN! Party on the Exchange!

Event SLURL:

Ragetrip Gaming would like to congradulate the owners, management and staff of STUDIO 777 for their hard work, dedication and amazing leadership. Members of the SL Community, and non-members alike....if you can possibly make it to this event, your not going to want to miss it. So set your alarms, sign up for an account, download the viewer and come take part in online history!

**Company Information**

STUDIO777: Since 2009, STUDIO 777 has welcomed over 1 million guest visits with over 50 million minutes spent at 777 in the Second Life Virtual World .. With 30,000 group members, over 1,400 live events with international DJs & prizes, 50 Mall Stores, and L$250 Million L$ (Linden™ dollars) won by players and guests, STUDIO 777 has gained a reputation for trust, integrity and fun. 777 has been ranked third highest in traffic in Second Life and honored to be named Second Life's #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub & Resort.

Visit STUDIO 777 in Second Life:
Visit STUDIO 777 on the web:

Capital Exchange: Capital Exchange is Second Life's largest stock market simulation game. In the last 12 months over 120,000,000 of virtual stock within the game has been traded. Skip Oceanlane has been the Capital Exchange CEO since January, 2011.

Visit CapEx in Second Life: 
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Linden Lab: Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, Linden Lab makes shared creative spaces that inspire and empower users to explore and share their creativity with others. For more about Linden Lab, it's products, and career opportunities please visit

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STUDIO 777 Official Website (Learn about STUDIO 777, info on nightly events at TREASURE and more)
STUDIO 777 IPO offering and details (read this over if interested in purchasing shares)
The Capital Exchange  (SL's #1 Stock Market Simulation game)
CapEx disclosure statement (CapEx official disclosure statement)
CapEx Rules (Rules and conditions for taking part in CapEx)
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