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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marvel Heroes 2015 Promo Code List (updated regularly)


Promo Codes

These are all of the promo codes you can use in marvel heroes.
The list will be updated whenever new codes are released.
How to use promo codes
To use these codes go to 
and login to your account. Once logged in, click "Profile" at
the top of the page. Look at the "My account" sidebar and
click "Redeem key". Once there, just type in or
copy and paste the codes below.
Promo Code List
REEDRICHARDS 2 Hour Rarity Boost
HOTPEPPER 2 Hour Rarity Boost
OOGACHAKA 2 Hour Special Item Find Boost
OVER9000 2 Hour Special Item Find Boost
4HORSEMEN 2 Hour Experience Boost
HOTDOGS Iridium Triple Boost - 2 Hours
EPIC12 Iridium Triple Rush Engery Bar - 1 Hours
CAK3 Ten pieces of cake
B1RTHDAY  10 peices of birthday cake
MARVELRUSSIA  2 hour experience boost
SURFSUP item find boost
ANIRUOK  Free "Omega Points Gift" (Gives 5 Omega Points)
GLASSCANNON  2 hour experience boost
BEWORTHY  Odins Bounty Boost
2015  Three Fortune Cards
INSTITUTE  Taskmaster's Mystery Box
RECRUIT  S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Preparedness Kit- 2 hour special


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