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Monday, June 9, 2014

Reaper of Souls: The Final nail in the coffin for the Diablo Franchise

One thing blizzard is still good at is making a killer logo.....unfortunately everything else sucks.

I recently posted an older article/blog post that I had written called "The fall of the Diablo franchise from my personal blog onto the Ragetrip blog. With the post I announced that I would be writing a follow up to it based on the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion and the current state of the game. So here we go!

There is hardly anyone out there who will dispute the fact that Diablo III was a monumental failure. From the horrible errors we got at launch, to the ignorant idea that to make inferno "harder" they would just up the damage, health, and abilities of mobs to obscene levels instead of actually doing any real work. The classes were horribly unbalanced to where a wizard had no problem soloing much of inferno, where a barb no matter how you played would get utterly destroyed past act 2. The Auction House was an awful idea that we the players warned them about in massive numbers and they did as blizzard always does and ignored us completely. All in all, Diablo 3 sucked. It was terrible, and for myself who is a huge fan of the franchise it was a hard pill to swallow.

A Lot of people blamed Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson for the failure of the game, and rightfully so. It was under his watch that one of the most loved PC game franchises of all time was "destroyed". After months of watching the game get worse and worse, Jay Wilson finally stepped down from the project and a lot of faithful Diablo players began to regain some sense of hope that they could pull the game out of the gutter with the release of The Reaper of Souls expansion, and news of Loot 2.0 and the destruction of the failed "Auction House" system.

When Reaper of Souls was announced there was mixed feelings about the news. My reaction was that they were releasing a very lackluster expansion at best, which did little more than fix the issues with the game that SHOULD have been fixed at launch. We got 1 new class, 1 new act, level cap increase, a new paragon level system, rifts & bounties, a new Artisan and adventure mode. Also was the new set items and Uniques. All in all, it seemed like it would fix the issues that D3 had but at the same time felt like Blizzard owed us this game for free for such a bad release of the original game.

Today, we are well into the Reaper of Souls expansion. We've all leveled a Crusader, ran the new content and "end game" that they added such as Rifts, Bounties, and adventure mode. The fact is....the game still sucks. They have bound Uniques and gold, as well as removing the trading function which all but killed the economy in the game. I understand why this was done. To curb botting in the game. However, your talking about a franchise that's last release (Diablo 2: LOD) lives on to this day due to the trade market. Trading has always been the end game for Diablo games and without it, you've got a fun game to play through once and then never touch again. Not only did they kill their economy, but they also did away with the most popular builds in the game that players had grown to love. All in all, it would appear at first glance that blizzard is intentionally sabotaging the game for no other reason but to troll the insanely loyal Diablo fan base.

Blizzard releases have been steadily getting worse over the last several years. They have dumbed their games down to appeal to even the most casual gamer. Removed in depth talent tree's from both Diablo III and WoW, and in general give us these lame, cookie cutter "builds" that we have no choice but to play in both franchises. It seems like since blizzards merge with Activision that their quality of products has drastically declined and the company itself is now living off of a reputation that is long gone. However with the release of better, more quality games such as Marvel Heroes and Path of Exile in the ARPG genres, and the recent release of Wildstar in the MMO genre that is already proving to be a much more fun, and difficult game than wow has ever been I believe that Blizzard is going to have to step it up once again, or their days of being ontop of the online PC ARPG/MMO food chain are numbered.

If you are reading this article wondering if you should give Diablo III a shot, or even return to try out Reaper of Souls if you weren't already suckered into buying it, my advice would be don't. The game is a shell of what the franchise once was and a total waste of money. With much better free to play options on the market such as Path of Exile, or if your in the mood for a different setting and feel, Marvel Heroes has come a long way from when it launched and has just included Raiding and a TON of other exciting end game content. The best part is, both games are far superior to Diablo III, and both are FREE to Play with optional item mall purchases.

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Links to games mentioned in this article

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls:    (Ragetrip does not suggest this one)
Path of Exile: also available on steam. (A better choice with Diablo like setting and feel. Try it free!)
Marvel Heroes 2015:  also available on steam. (Ragetrip's suggested ARPG. Try it free!)
Wildstar: (New MMO that is getting rave reviews!)


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