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Monday, July 14, 2014

SL DJ School needs your help!

If you were big into Second Life back in 2007 you'll no doubt remember just how big the Second Life DJ School was. If you were a DJ, Club Owner, Club Manager, or knew anyone in these fields you more than likely at least heard of the DJ Education titan. Second Life DJ School created and ran by Joanie Neddings, prided itself on educating, and training DJ's to be the best of the best on the grid and since it's creation has produced many of the top DJ's to ever work an event in the virtual world of Second Life. After a 3 year run SL DJ School would close in 2010 to be sold to Host Crate owner LustyLexy Larimore. The School remained closed until 2011 when SL DJ Academy was getting ready to close its doors. However, with the close of that school came the rise of Premiere DJ Academy ran by Rosalie Difference & Psilocybin Rain which would quickly take over the market with quality classes, a partnership for streams, and vendors for the best tip jars, and other club equipment in game. SL DJ School was then purchased by Rosalie Difference, so the brief resurgence of the Second Life DJ School came to a quick end, and the school's legacy was safe in the hands of one of the Schools original and most notable teachers. Eventually Premiere DJ Academy would be sold do to personal (real life) issues with both Rosalie Difference and Psilocybin Rain. Since then, there has been a few schools popping up on the grid, some good, some not so much. The landscape of DJing in Second Life has changed, as has the club scene. But now, one of the original teachers of SL DJ School, and Co-Owner of Premiere DJ Academy has begun a fundme account, in hopes to bring back this beloved landmark DJ School. I sat down with Rosalie earlier to talk to her about her new project to bring back the school.

Ragetrip Gaming: What made you decide to bring back the SL DJ School after all this time?

Rosalie Difference: You know there's always a part of me that will forever love DJing, and being apart of a school. I knew when Premiere was getting ready to be put up for sale that I would want to come back and do it all over again. Only took 2 years but I've been thinking about it since Premiere DJ Academy was sold.

Ragetrip Gaming: But why now? What made the timing right to do so at this point?

Rosalie Difference: Well the thing about SL is that it and RL have to have a  balance. Previously when owning Premiere I was in the process of filing for divorce, wasn't sure where I would be living, what I would be doing, and other many uncertainties. Which lead for my original decision to put it up for sale in the first place. Now, I work steady hours, in probably most stable job in the country. I have time to dedicate to it, and a pretty strong support group who is eager to see the business thrive and grow.

Ragetrip Gaming: That's right, your currently serving in the military as well. It's awesome that with such a busy schedule that your taking the time to get back into teaching in Second Life. As a DJ myself who learned DJing from you in fact, I see that your class could be beneficial both in and out of second life. For example people looking to start an online radio station, learn to DJ for there gaming streams, or even possibly to get an understanding to take the skills and apply them in real life. Do you offer a payment option for people who aren't into SL, or who are new and would rather pay via credit card or paypal?

Rosalie Difference: It's certainly a hectic life, but I thrive on a little chaos! As far as the payment options, yes we will be hosting in and out of world instruction. With a number of ways to book classes. We will be utilizing paypal, as well as the small marketplace forum for a few alternative ways to pay. As many residents are not fond of putting money into a game, but with this skill, it's something that can be used not only in Second Life, but really any online setting, and even real club use for our mixing classes. So giving our future clients a little bit of versatility often puts them at ease.

Ragetrip Gaming: I know that currently you are working on raising the money to fund the project to pay for such things as Tier, a new build, as well as advertisement and other things needed to get it up off the ground. How is that whole process coming along?

Rosalie Difference: It's still in it's initial phases but the turnout has been wonderful so far. A few of our former affiliates, students, and even former staff are excited to see the project launch that they have generously donated funds to help us. We still have a bit to go, but the noise has certainly been humming about the social media, the founder herself has been in a sharing frenzy and backs the new launch 100%, She's been a great motivator so far to help get the word out.

Ragetrip Gaming: For the people who are considering donating to this cause are there going to be perks for donating at different levels and such as you'd see on kickstarter campaigns and such?

Rosalie Difference: Yes, we definitely want to be able to give back to these supporters. We have levels at all different price ranges, including access to custom made DJ Drops, DJ Intros, Free Classes to utilize or give as gifts, and many more coming each day!

Ragetrip Gaming: Excellent indeed. You are still my go to person for intros and drops. Your work is without a doubt the best in all of SL. Have you been around the club scene lately? I went out to several clubs a few weeks ago and I have to say that most of the DJ's I saw were terrible. What's your take on the current state compared to how it was say 2 years ago?

Rosalie Difference: Actually that's been apart of my research lately, I like to do a in depth look at the state of things before I jump head first into them. I have to say I was a little surprised at the state of DJ knowledge recently, and at some pretty high traffic clubs too. Though it's apart of the knowledge gathering, finding that target audience, there is a lot of good we can do on the grid these days. One thing that I hope to be able to assist with is that growing as a DJ, some DJs just don't need basic classes, they already understand the use of the program..but now we can mold them into something people pay to see. Developing Personalities.. Developing Mixing Skills. These are things that I feel some are lacking. You can go a long way with a personality while you DJ.

Ragetrip Gaming: That was always my logic. Developing that persona is just as important as the technical aspect of things. So tell me, if all goes perfectly and you get the funding needed. When do you hope to be open for business?

Rosalie Difference: Absolutely, to this day, you are the only student I've ever had that racked in more money per set than I did! But all jokes aside, the funding is an integral part and it decides a lot of the timeline we will have. The quicker the funding the quicker the opening. We do hope though that we can aim for sometime in August. This would be absolutely ideal. But we understand planning and building are never sure with time lines. So until that happens we will continue to move forward with what we can.

Ragetrip Gaming: Thanks for the cheap plug. Seriously though it means a lot. I am pulling for you to get that funding you need, It is a great cause, and you always do great work and support the DJ and Club scene in SL 100%. I know your busy so is there anything else you'd like to say before I let you go?

Rosalie Difference: Honestly, I'd love to hear from anyone who has any feedback with the state of DJs on the grid. I'd love to hear about peoples experiences, what they would like to see, what they think doesn't work etc.. We work for them. Without them we wouldn't exist. So I hope to meet all those supporters on the grid, feel free to stop me when I'm out and about club hopping and last of all I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of the students, teachers, and supporters out there. You guys are awesome!

SL DJ School needs YOUR help. To bring the school back in it's full glory will cost, and Rosalie refuses to tarnish the legacy of the SL DJ School by bringing back an inferior product. This is where you guys come in. If your interested in looking more into how you can help, go to SL DJ School FundMe to find out more information. This is a very worthwhile cause. I have made a good amount of money and made quite the name for myself as a DJ in SL, and it all started with a class just like the ones that will be offered by Rosalie. In case people don't know, I am Psilocybin Rain, I have been a DJ in Second Life for close to 4 years now, and was nominated for DJ of the Year for 2013. These classes can help you as an SL DJ, and if your not in SL, you can contact Rosalie for information on how to pay with Paypal and learn outside of SL. You can learn Sam Broadcaster for the Radio style, personality based DJ, VirtualDJ for a more club style, live mixing DJ format, or even Nicecast for the Radio style for MAC users. Taking this class outside of SL has many benefits. If you'd like to set up an onlne radio station, DJ for your friends in other formats, or even take your skills to real life and become a DJ For Hire at parties, wedding receptions, etc. This is a great first step into learning the process of DJing on both the technical aspect, as well as character development, etc. For those of you who are on Second Life, or plan to join Second Life an education at a well known school such as SL DJ School is very important. It is a lot easier to get work at a quality club if you have an education at a top school such as SL DJ School. It also gives you contacts, and info from clubs currently looking for good DJs, the technical knowledge, as well as an idea on how to develop your on air personality. Alumni also gets technical support, and constant help through the schools group.

As of now, donations to the school have already began to pour in. Different donations levels receive different "gifts" as an incentive to donate. You can receive a free custom DJ intro from Rosalie herself for a $20.00 donation, A free basic class and custom DJ Drop for $35.00, and more. I will personally vouch that these are great deals, and Rosalie does some of the most amazing intro's that I've ever heard. Both of my trademark DJ Intro's were done by her, and any future intro or drop work will go directly to her. In my honest opinion this is one of the most worthwhile fundme campaigns you could possibly donate to. Not only can it benefit DJ's getting a free intro, class, etc. But for those of you who just enjoy going to clubs in SL, and the whole nightlife of the game. You are contributing to bettering the education and quality of DJ's on the grid. We've all been to clubs that host some just downright bad DJ's (If you do voice overs, over top of dead air then I'm talking to you!).


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