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Sunday, August 17, 2014

We must stop the BOTs.....


It seems like bots have increasingly become a problem in most online multi player games from World of Warcraft on to League of Legends. There are many reasons for this, and hardly any of them benefit the players. Even if your not a gold seller, or trying to use these bots to level accounts to sell. Let's say your just an average Joe who wants to use a fishing bot in wow to get an inventory full of fish while you sleep. While it wouldn't be a bad thing if you were using those fish personally, most of the people who'd do this would be selling them, flooding the marketplace, and therefore ruining the economy for the honest fishermen out there. You see where I'm going here?

I have never been a HUGE League of Legends player personally. However do to friends playing and such I finally pushed my account up to level 30. I found early on that my favorite map is without a doubt ARAM. One lane, constant fighting it almost has that "Death match" feel in shooters that I love with a much faster pace than your normal 5v5 summoner's rift. However I learned just as quickly that ARAM is over-run with bots until level 30. The reason behind this is there are a ton of websites, and forums out there where people go to buy and sell items in game, as well as accounts for games. Now here is where my view on this gets tricky. If you've played a game for awhile, worked your ass off on it and decide you are done and want to sell your account.....I really see nothing wrong with that. By all means get some money, or an account on a different game for all your hard work. HOWEVER, this opens the door for people who run bots constantly to level, and sell fresh max level accounts. This is a bad thing. ARAM seems to be the main spot for these bots, because it's much easier to program a bot for one straight lane, opposed to a more advanced map like Summoner's Rift. 

It is very easy to spot these bots in ARAM. They queue up together 4 deep for some reason and all stack on each other, and move as one. You will often get in a game leveling in ARAM where it becomes obvious quickly that you are the only human player on your team. It's a very frustrating thing indeed. The fact is that most games, the bots only really effect the economy such as the farm bots in wow, and the bots we've seen in diablo style games as well. However with League, it's actually effecting your game play. I know for a fact that on my way to level 30, I have reported well over 100 bots. I'm not sure how effective these reports are, but I did. It seems that in Summoner's Rift this kind of thing doesn't happen. I know some people will say "Oh, well just don't do ARAM until 30".....but I LIKE it. Why isn't Riot doing something about this? Apparently Riot Games has issues statements about bots running rampant in Dominion mode but nothing really about ARAM. 

Ragetrip Gaming does not condone botting for any reason really. Sure, it wouldn't hurt anyone if you were farming fish, to use personally for raids in WoW. But lets face it, how many people are really using a bot for PERSONAL use only and not to make money, or ruin the games economy? Shooters have always been the absolute worst with wall hacks, aimbots, etc. These people are the absolute worst because they aren't botting for any monetary reason at all. No real life money to be made, no in game money to be made. Most of these kids do it to get their rating up. Why even bother playing the game if you suck so bad you have to bot to get your rating up? You have achieved nothing. I can halfway understand why the botting in LoL, WoW, etc. Happens. Money. Be it virtual, or real life money from selling items or accounts. At least they are getting something out of it.I think that it is time to take a stand against botting in a major way in ALL forms of gaming. This is a huge problem with the PC gaming community that needs to be tackled head on. 

First off to the players. If you see someone botting REPORT IT. If you have time, grab a screen shot to send WITH the report as proof. I know sometimes we say to ourselves "They never do anything about it, so what's the use?"...But the fact is, it's better than doing nothing and watching your favorite game go up in flames. At least you are trying.

Now onto the GM's, MOD's, etc. Start monitoring things more closely. LISTEN to reports, and research. It's easy in league, if you get a report for botting slip into spectator mode and watch the suspected bots play. If you start perm banning these accounts in huge numbers, and it becomes super hard to get a botted account to 30 the people making money on this will move on, since it will totally kill their profits. While there IS botting in WoW it is nowhere near as destructive to the game as it is to others. Why? Because blizzard has no problem banning people. I do not play wow anymore, and haven't for a long time. But that is one thing I have to give to blizzard, is that they are constantly fighting to keep botting down to a minimum. 

I think botting, and hacking are probably the two most destructive elements to the PC gaming community. We have an amazing community with guilds, forums, websites, and the best modding community out there. We ALL need to band together and report these bots, and the GMs and DEVs need to actually review these reports, and do something about it.


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