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Monday, April 6, 2015

Ragetrip community website now LIVE!


I have always thought of Ragetrip Gaming as a community. With the way things are going though it has felt like just a blog project for some time. Well I'm hoping to change that. The Ragetrip blog, as well as the personal blogs will remain of course because I love writing this stuff. But today I am introducing something brand new to go hand in hand with all of that.

Over the last week I have been planning out, and executing a new side project. When you think of enjin you think of a guild or clan website. However what I have found is that it is so much more. It is the perfect platform to build up a gaming community. With forums, events, and so much more it is an idea platform to build on. For the last couple of days I've been really working on this thing so that I could present it in today's blog post. 

My goal here is to build a community of gamers who will use the website, use the forums to connect to other like-minded gamers and to genuinely become a part of a laid back, 18+ gaming community. I know this goal will not be easy. I understand that most gamer's don't want to go through the hassle to do this. However, I have faith that there are other gamer's out there who aren't elitists, and tired of toxic communities. This is our first step towards achieving the community we have been working for. If things go good here, next up will be a ventrilo, mumble, or teamspeak server for the community, and so on. I've worked a lot on this, and I am continuing to do so. I hope you guys like it, and are willing to come in and help make this community amazing. 

If your interested. Please go to the website below and sign up, then click recruitment and fill out the short community application. I have put the application in place to weed out spammers who would ruin the forums with advertisements. It shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes to fill out the short community application, and you will be brought in and have the entire website available to you. You will also be able to access this page from by clicking the "Ragetrip Community" tab.

Community Website: Ragetrip Community Website

If this thing takes off, I will be buying a custom domain for it, and keep it premium out of my own pocket, and anyone who decides to donate time from the main page of the website. We will also work on getting a voice server if we get a nice sized community going.

I hope you guys enjoy the site, and actually use it. I am excited about this and hope to see you all there. 

See ya in Game,
Psilocybin Rain


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