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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Will I Rage? Killing Floor 2 (Early Access) Review


After writing my last review on  The Four Kings Casino & Slots, I wanted to follow that up with a review of a new game, still in early access that actually gets it right. Today I will be discussing Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive. I was a HUGE fan of the original Killing Floor game. My friends and I spent countless hours on that game murdering Zeds, and having a blast while doing it. When I heard that Killing Floor 2 was on it's way I was excited, and for once wasn't skeptical at all about how this one would turn out. Why? It's simple. Because Tripwire knows what the Killing Floor fan base wants out of a game, and knows how to do it right. So when I picked up the game which is still in early access, I had very high expectations for it, and I have to say that I am not at all let down by the product delivered. 

The first thing you'll notice once you load up the game and dive in, will be the updated graphics from Killing Floor, to Killing Floor 2. The Original graphics, while still "decent" today were slowly becoming dated. Killing Floor 2 on the other hand is beautiful with it's graphics. As for game play I have to say that all of the features we had grown to love in the original Killing Floor from triggered slow motion, to the intense boss fight battles are still there. While it is still early access and they are limited.....there are already a few solid custom maps out there (including a Golden Eye map!). We are sad to say that as of this post, I have yet to find a Marijuana field map......but I'm sure it's coming! On top of that the Zed's look more impressive than ever, and the boss fight is A LOT harder than it was in Killing Floor. Simply mowing him down with the AA-12 isn't quite as simple as it used to be.

I buy a whole lot of early access games and while most of them are fun for a few days but soon you find that there are game breaking bugs still I can say with happiness that Killing Floor 2 almost feels like a completed project. As far as game play goes I don't see too much that they'll need to change. The only changes I feel that need to be made is the addition of a few more stock maps, more character models and skins to play (I'm OK with these coming in DLC packs. I've always supported tripwire in this way), and giving the modding community time to create all the custom maps that we have grown to love. Also, on a side note I was asked if you still gain EXP while playing custom maps and the answer to that is Yes!

Final Thoughts: Tripwire Interactive has always been a company who listens to it's community, and knows exactly how to deliver on the game that their community wants. This is evident by the way they have delivered with the early access of Killing Floor 2. I can't wait to see how the product turns out once a lot more custom maps are released and more of the original Killing Floor community pick this game up.

Rating: 4/5. This game is still very much in early access and I will revisit it once it is in it's final release. However the only thing that keeps killing floor 2 from getting a 5/5 review is the same issue I had with the original and that is there is no story mode what so ever. Even single player just goes through wave after wave of Zed's. This is not a "knock" to the game because it is designed to be just that......however I do wish there was at least a short story mode. I'd definitely suggest picking this up and enjoy some Zed killing with all your buddies on Steam.

Until next time, see ya in game!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Will I Rage? The Four Kings Casino and Slots Review

I love gambling and casinos. Some of my favorite times were spent on the Casino boat near where I live. So when I found out that a Casino MMO was coming to steam needless to say I was very excited. So with visions of jackpots dancing in my head I dove in to the world of "The Four Kings Casino and Slots". After days of playing this game I am now presenting to you my review. So let's dive in and answer the question. "Will I Rage? The Four Kings Casino & Slots"

Rating: 2.5 of 5

Currently in the game there is Texas Hold Em Poker (Tourney style tables), Blackjack tables, Roulette, Craps, War, The "Big 6" Wheel, A Bingo Hall, and Video Poker, Blackjack, Slots, and Keno as well as a nightclub for social gatherings. It's not a horrible start but I think there should be more themes for the slot machines and video slot machines that operate more like real casinos. Overall though the amount of games aren't bad.

VIP Only section there are some of those games with the addition of Baccarat and Single Deck Blackjack. All in all, there is enough gambling based games for everyone to fall in love for this virtual casino experience. Another level of depth to the game play is to become a "VIP", you do so by earning RP. Once you earn enough you gain access to the VIP section with exclusive games and benefits. There are also different levels of VIP for you hardcore players out there.

In the upstairs level of the Casino you have different stores that you can shop for clothing, and other accessories to deck out your avatar(character) with. To buy these items, you must win at games and earn "RP" (Think in a casino how you earn points towards comps). These items can be pricey and take some time to earn but it will be worth if for you people who like to have a super well dressed character. This part of the game as well as the nightclub reminds me so much of "Second Life" which I'm not sure is a good thing.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots also has plenty of achievements and special unlockable items in the game for the achievement hunters out there.

Now with all free to play games on the market we quickly get into the debate over "Pay 2 Win" elements. The only real element here is that you can purchase CHIPS for real money (not RP at this time). The prices while reasonable are still kind of pay to win. The reason I say this is you will quickly blow through your initial bankroll, and 250 chips every 15 minutes to collect isn't really enough to keep you going. Therefore if you want an enjoyable experience your going to at least want to drop the 5 bucks for 50,000 chips.


Rating: 2 of 5

The truth is the graphics in The Four Kings Casino and Slots are not anything special. In fact they are kind of on the low end. You can compare them to a less impressive version of Second Life. The horrible movement and static standing animations of your character doesn't help this at all either. While for this type of game graphics aren't the most important element. If you are trying to break new ground and make the definitive Casino MMO experience better graphics would have been a good decision.

Dev's and Moderation

Rating: 0 of 5

This is where the game really goes downhill. Hacking is rampant, as well as toxic players screaming obscenities and racist slurs in chat with no one doing anything about it. Furthermore if you go to play a game of bingo, someone fake calls every single ball which makes it pretty much unplayable. The Dev's and moderator staff of this game are the worst that I have ever seen. There is no excuse for letting your game go down the drain like this.


Rating: 4 of 5

The game is free, so you won't lose anything by taking a look. However after my experience with the toxic community inside the game who makes chatting almost impossible, and the incompetence of the mods and dev's I'd strongly suggest never spending a dime on the in game chip purchases.


I came into this game with big hopes. I love the whole casino thing and was hoping I'd finally find a game with decent graphics that would last. What I found was a game developed in unity and open to so much cheating that it isn't really worth it. Mix that in with people spamming obscene, racist rants, trolls calling false bingo's every number and staff and dev's who seem not to care the least bit. This hurts because I really wanted this to be a good game, but sadly it's just not. If you are looking for a fun casino experience with devs who moderate chat, and care about their game I'd suggest While not as pretty as The Four Kings, the community, and game play is years ahead.

 Overall Rating: 2 of 5