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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Price gouging during steam Autumn sale?

Since the steam Autumn sale started there have been reports on various gaming news sites as well as outrage on forums over a twitter post from Steam Spy (@Steam_Spy) accusing Wreckfest, Auto Dealership Tycoon, and Epistory of raising their prices right before the sale. This practice is generally frowned upon by most and even considered illegal in some places. This being said, things aren't always as black and white as they seem.

I will use Auto Dealership Tycoon as an example. The dev's behind this game also put out another game called Lunch Truck Tycoon. A fun little sim about owning and operating lunch truck's (commonly called a "roach coach" at construction sites). This game did not go up in price at all even though Auto Dealership Tycoon did. Why is this?

Auto Dealership Tycoon on Steam
The truth is I went onto the forum and called the game out for raising prices. I'm tired of seeing practices like this happening and admit I may have jumped the shark over it. No, not because I was quickly attacked by a fan of the game who could barely type in English and who likened what I said to a child killing himself with a loaded gun (horrible analogy btw), but because I did in fact jump into a fight without doing deeper research.

What happened was prior to the steam sale this game received a huge update on par with a DLC. With the release of 2.0 the price increased by $0.99. I'm curious to why any of these "gaming news" websites didn't do a little more research before blindly listening to Steam Spy but at the same time I read those news sites and jumped right on board myself.

In conclusion........While some games DO partake in the shady practice of increasing their game price directly before a sale I don't believe that to be the case with DiggidyNet. Was the timing of the increase a bad decision? Probably so. However I think it was an honest mistake.

I feel that the only thing this developer is guilty of is bad timing with the increase happening so close to the sale that unfortunately led to bad publicity on what appears like a fun Tycoon style game.

While I cannot comment on Steam Spy's accusations towards Wreckfest & Epistory due to what I've learned when it comes to Auto Dealership Tycoon I will be taking those accusations with a grain of salt as well.

So this is my take on Steam Spy's comments and the way the news sites just jumped on board without doing any research at all. I also apologize for jumping in and accusing DiggidyNet (The games Dev) without doing any research as well. Hopefully we all can learn something from this.

I purchased Lunch Truck Tycoon awhile ago and plan on doing a review on it in the next couple of days. I also plan on picking up Auto Dealership Tycoon soon and doing a review on that as well. So stay tuned folks!

See ya in game,
Psilocybin Rain


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