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Friday, November 13, 2015

Ragetrip Free to play picks!


One thing I always get asked is "Which free to play games are actually worth playing?". This is a difficult question because we all have different tastes. However I have compiled a list of Free to Play games here with a few friends to go over the best free to play games in a few of the most popular genres. Let me know in the comments if there is something you feel I left out. These games below are all fun, have large communities and don't rely on a pay to win model. Sure, you can pay to make your life easier, but it doesn't really give you a clear advantage.

Hope you enjoy the list, and as always.......

See ya in game.


1. Wildstar (Remember Wildstar?....The WoW Killer? Well, once that didn't pan out for them they finally decided to go free to play. This game boasted incredibly hard raid content to bring the old core raiders from WoW over. So if your into Raiding, and looking for a wow alternative that is free....this one may be for you!)

2. TERA (Another Free to Play MMORPG. I'll admit I played this game for like 2 hours and it just wasn't my thing. It's not a bad game, but I am not too into the MMORPG games anymore. However, it may be right up your alley)

3. RIFT (Probably the closest to World of Warcraft in my list. It's been out for quite awhile and is still kicking. Not the newest, or prettiest but very consistent. Has some very unique elements such as being able to scale your level down so you can play with your lower level buddies and still gain EXP. All in all a very solid choice.)

4. Star Trek Online (I'm throwing this one in exclusively for you Sci-Fi junkies out there! Star Trek Online is free, on steam, and generally known to be a really good MMORPG. I didn't play this one too much but have to say that it was better than the Star Wars MMO simply because the Star Wars MMO had the worst free to play micro-transaction model I've dealt with in some time.)

5. ArcheAge (This game may push the limited of your budget build which is why I placed it so low on the list. I played for a few days and was very impressed, but again the MMO genre fails to really keep my interest any longer. It is probably the most breathtakingly pretty MMO that I've seen though.)


1. Team Fortress 2 (The king of the F2P shooter. 10 years old and still kicking. Cartoony, but great balance. The pace is good, unique character types. All in all Team Fortress 2 is as fun today as it was when it dropped in 2007.)

2. Dirty Bomb (This is probably my favorite Free to Play FPS right now. This may all change once Blizzard debuts Overwatch, or may not. However Dirty Bomb is If your into First Person Shooters there is no reason not to give this gem a try.)

3. Planetside 2 (If you were a fan of Halo 2 this one is for you. You'll get that vibe while playing. Pretty fun free to play title!)

4. Warface (I've honestly never played this. However several friends told me to add this one in to the list because its great.)

5. Blacklight: Retribution (Good futuristic war title. Fast paced and fun!)

MOBA Games

1. League of Legends (This one is taking the number one spot for one reason. Having the best micro-transaction model in the business. I myself am not a huge fan. I hit max level and never played the game again. However it has an insanely high number of active subscribers, an amazing Micro-Transaction model, and is ontop of the moba world for sure.)

2. Smite (While I put league of legends #1 totally unbiased because I personally dislike the game. I put Smite as #2 because I love the game. League of Legends style gameplay, itemshop, etc. With 3rd person view, and WASD controls. The fact that your playing as gods from mythology only makes it that much better!)

3. DOTA 2 (Played DOTA 2 for like 30 minutes so I really can't judge the game. I've heard great things about it and that is neck and neck with League of Legends as far as popularity.)

4. Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard's shot at a MOBA title. Heroes of the Storm takes characters from blizzard games and throws them into team battle. The game plays somewhat like League and DOTA 2 however there is no item shop and it is a lot more team objective based than pushing lanes and team battles (although both do happen). All in all HOTS feels like a more casual version of a MOBA (which doesn't have to be a bad thing.)

5. There are no others really worth talking about that I know of. I would have put infinite crisis here, but it closed down (or is closing).

ARPG games

1. Marvel Heroes 2015 (I was harsh on Marvel Heroes when it first dropped. A lot of things about the game was just bad and a lot of folks (myself included) wrote the game off. However, the game steadily got better and better to the point that Marvel Heroes is light years ahead of all of the other F2P ARPG's on the market, and dare I say even better than the big bad Diablo III which costs a hefty price from blizzard. The Micro-Transaction model is very reasonable, New characters brought in very often and TONS of end game content. Cosmic Terminals, Mid Town farming, Industry City, One shot Terminals, Raiding, and much much more. Marvel Heroes has become one of the best free to play games out there in any Genre.

2. Path of Exiles  (A lot closer to the Diablo experience with many notable differences. The skill tree is very advanced, and not dumbed down like that of Diablo III. Path of Exiles is a very fun game with unique classes, and playstyles. The story is crisp, the graphics are nice, and the experience is great.)

3. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Very strange game. ARPG style, where you build your castle up, set traps, place monsters, etc. Then allow others to run thru and try to rob you, while you do the same to others and the loot you get is what you use to upgrade your castle, traps, etc. Very interesting game indeed)

4. There aren't any other really big ones out there in this genre that are worth mentioning here.

Other F2P Games

1. Hearthstone (I am a HUGE fan of this game. Sure, it isn't the most balanced, or in depth collectable card game. But a game generally takes less than 5 minutes and I can access it via PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. This makes Hearthstone a great choice for downtime at work (shhhh), gaming on the go, or on the PC when you don't have the time to get into a longer game.

2. CasinoRPG (I know this one is browser based but I know there are A LOT of gambling fans out there. I cannot in good conscience suggest The Four Kings Casino and Slots due to the game being complete garbage. However in CasinoRPG you can create your own casinos, gamble in yours (and other peoples) joints as well as compete in server wide poker tournaments and much more.)


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