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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Legend of Pirates Online!


On Halloween 2007 after many setbacks and delays Disney launched their new MMO "Pirates of the Caribbean Online". The game was successful in being one of the few family friendly MMO's out and gained a moderate but faithful following. However in August of 2013 players were notified that the servers would shut down on September 19th. In the final month of POTCO players received free premium membership and double loot. To many die hard POTCO fans, September 19th was a dark day. Some tried out Pirates of the Burning Sea and other games while others migrated into other online games. However for a select few, the motivation came to take over and re-open their beloved game and reunite the community once again. This is the tale of The Legend of Pirates Online!

When Pirates of the Caribbean first launched I was so deep into World of Warcraft that the best I gave the game was an hour here and an hour there during wow patch day. However, my fiance was a hardcore POTCO player so when I heard of the massive project undertaken by the TLOPO team I managed to get myself and her into the alpha process. Her passion for the game has inspired me to take a much closer look and find out what made Pirates of the Caribbean Online so special to it's hardcore player base. After talking to several original POTCO players, I leaned that their feelings towards the game was about the community itself. While they did love the game, it was the community that made things so special. So what better way to reboot this game, than by a group of former players so dedicated to bringing this community back together that they are willing to not only undertake the massive task of reprogramming the entire server side code of the game but more so funding the game and servers entirely on their own dime. This is what really got me interested. A group so passionate about the game they grew up with that they will put in countless hours of work for free and even go as far as to come out of pocket to fund the project themselves. This is passion and something that I respect more than anything else inside of the gaming community. 

So how is this all coming about? Well if you look at the success of Toontown Rewritten (Another Disney game that was closed, with a passionate fan base who wouldn't let it die) we start to see what happened. The developers of The Legend of Pirates Online have reverse engineered the client code and wrote from scratch the server side code using Astron a software developed by the creators of Toontown Rewritten. By keeping these games free, family friendly and honoring the IP the way it should be done they hope that Disney will allow the project to continue the way they have for Toontown Rewritten. I for one hope that Disney sees the passion behind all of these projects as well.

Myself and my lovely fiance in TLOPO Beta
TLOPO is not the only team working to resurrect POTCO however. Another game titled Pirates Online Retribution is also in the works. I will not be talking much about POR here due to having no play time there, or interaction with the dev team. However, I'm hoping in the weeks to come to have a dedicated post for PoR as well.

The one thing I have noticed however is that the Legends of Pirates Online community and the Pirates Online Retribution community seem to have a bit of a feud going on. After talking with fans on both sides and even a couple fans of both projects it seems to me that it's the same friendly rivalry we see between a lot of communities with a similar title. However, I had to ask the TLOPO team, who told me that no merger will happen between the two projects. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however. Competition tends to drive people to do amazing things. The one thing I have leaned is the POTCO fan base is incredibly loyal and full of friendly people who are more than willing to sit down with you and talk about their favorite game and the memories they have from the original. Be it a nostalgic walk down memory lane, or a reunion of a passionate gaming community I am very eager to witness and be a part of the return of the POTO community.

On the game side, I am happy to say that The Legend of Pirates Online is coming along beautifully. The team are working hard which shows from the huge strides made between Alpha and the recently released Beta. While like any beta you will experience bugs, crashes, and other annoyances I can say that the game is actually really stable at the moment, even compared to beta's from big named companies. My fiance and I have spent countless hours doing quests, destroying ships, looting, plundering and all sorts of pirate goodness. All in all there may be rough waters ahead but I have faith in the TLOPO team and what they are doing and know that they will deliver a product that POTCO fans and new fans alike will fall in love with.

If your interested in giving the beta a try, go to This post to reserve a time slot now and keep an eye out on the Ragetrip forums for more about the return of this amazing community from both sides of the fence!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Will I Rage? Total Extreme Warfare 2016 Review!


I have always personally had a soft spot for text based management simulators. So it's no surprise that back in my younger days, and days as a wrestling fan during the infamous WWF (WWE) Attitude era that I was a massive fan of the Extreme Warfare series of text based wrestling simulators. While I am not really a fan of WWE's current work, I was a HUGE wrestling fan back in the mid to late 90's, and even into the early 2000's. I was so hardcore about it that I participated in old school AOL "Chat Feds" as well as E-Feds, etc. Back then you had Extreme Warfare vs Promotion Wars, which Extreme Warfare quickly demolished. Come 2002, Extreme Warfare Revenge dropped and changed the game completely. It was brilliant and the community made it even better. I spent countless hours, days and weeks playing this game. Then something happened. I'm not sure the exact moment, but at some point the landscape of the wrestling business changed and my fanaticism for the product (Wrestling) vanished. Fast foreword to 2010. While I was no longer watching wrestling and had moved on to Mixed Martial Arts, I still had a soft spot and love for the WWE Product of old. With no good MMA titles (at the time) for PC, I decided to give EWR another shot. When searching for my old friend, I found that creator Adam Ryland had moved on and joined Greydog Software and began producing the "Total Extreme Warfare" series, which obviously was a continuation of the Extreme Warfare Series. After picking up 2010 I was simply floored with the improvements that had been made to the new series since 2002. (I hadn't played anything in the series since EWR!). It was a bit daunting, and even overwhelming at first but within a couple of hours I was hooked again. I skipped most of the 2013 game due to the World of Mixed Martial Arts series hooking me, but I did play it for a couple months and was again amazed at just how much had been added. In a world where sports games usually get a title a year, with slight graphics upgrades with an upgraded roster, it was a breath of fresh air to seeing Adam Ryland taking his time, and producing TON'S of new features with every new title in the series. With that said, it's my pleasure to to ask the question. Will I Rage? Total Extreme Warfare 2016!

Note: This key was given to me by Greydog Software for the purpose of reviewing the game. I was offered no monetary incentives, gifts, or anything else in return for a "good" review. Only a key for me to give a fair review of.

Upon sitting down to play Total Extreme Warfare 2016 for the first time, I had mixed feelings about things. I was extremely excited to dive back into the life of a professional wrestling booker, but at the same time I had to ask myself what more Adam Ryland could really do to improve on the series? 2010 was amazing, 2013 made things even would this finally be a recycled game with just a few new improvements? We will be answering that and more in this review.

UI Mod from mod creator "Iceisle"
First I'll touch on the "Graphics" and UI of the game which is very basic at first glance. However with just a little searching you'll find many mods to change the visuals up to something that better suits you.
If your a gimp or photoshop user and want even more customization you can always go in and create something totally specific to your liking as well. That is one of the beautiful things about Ryland's series. It's designed for the user to tweak and customize so much to their own liking from the way things look to the roster itself.

For the sake of this review I decided to dive straight into a mod-free game using the "Cornellverse" which is essentially a fictional wrestling business with made up companies, talent, etc. While I'm more of a mod guy, I can understand the reasoning of not wanting to get sued. However,  I've noticed from reading forums and talking to other players that the Cornellverse has actually became one of the key features to the series for many players and after diving into it, I can sort of understand why. It's kind of a parody on the real life business to a degree and a lot of fun in it's own right once you start digging into the game and figuring out the stars of the business.

My biggest star, Rocky Golden!

My initial run was with the #3 rank company in the world, Total Championship Wrestling. After looking I find my top star is Rocky Golden.
An entertaining babyface with 14 years in the business, a good look and appearing to be ready to rock. After searching my roster carefully I see who I want to work a program with Rocky........His name is Wolf Hawkins, and he's younger, with a cocky youth gimmick that he pulls off very good. The only problem? Aaron "Ace" Andrews happens to be the current champion. No problem really. He's a heel, seems to be a decent draw. We'll just job him out to Rocky, while at the same time starting a new program with him to keep him out of the title picture for now. Excellent. With the Rocky Golden vs Wolf Hawkins feud however, I do not want to move into this one too fast. We are going to slow play the build for this match that will no doubt be a huge draw on the first pay-per-view under my watch. At the same time I begin to setup a nice program with Intercontinental Champion Marc Speed, and up and coming babyface Chance Fortune. For the tag team belts we begin a program of "The New Wave" vs champions "The Behemoths" who are a couple of massive, monster type heels. Happy with these initial choices, I go through the talent pool and begin the process of hiring a few fresh workers to our roster.

Booking Screen Rocky Golden vs Aaron Andrews
The number one new feature in 2016 for me is the ability to create an alliance title. With this, there is real potential for a "return of the NWA" mod in the future, along with many other possibilities. I love the old territory days of professional wrestling. Another feature I absolutely love is the filters on the booking screen. This makes booking a lot faster which was always a concern when I wanted to run through a couple of shows when I'm on a tight schedule. On my first show I decided to go ahead and book Rocky Golden vs Aaron Andrews for the world title with a run in on Rocky after he cleanly wins the title by his new nemesis Wolf Hawkins thus beginning their epic feud. A great match, with the Intercontinental and tag feuds also beginning this week put this show in a good spot for my first event with the company. The next few shows would be carried by Rocky & Wolf declaring all out war upon each other leading up to an eventual pay-per-view match between these two titans.

However, with a genius (or possibly bonehead) decision on my part I decided to bring Mr. Andrews back into the picture. Still bitter from his title loss and being snubbed he demands a rematch for his title at the upcoming pay-per-view. This would not go over well with Wolf, who had positioned himself for his big break in the business. This is when I decided to take my character and introduce him to the audience for the first time by announcing that at the pay-per-view it would be a 3 way dance for the World Championship between Golden, Andrews, and Hawkins! This prolonging that 1 vs 1 payday between Golden & Hawkins, and giving a great main event for this pay-per-view at the same time!

Of course come the pay-per-view (which was successful) Golden managed to retain his title, setting up Golden vs Hawkins at the next big show for the strap. Once again, somehow after all these years Adam Ryland has managed to hook me once again into the turmoil, and excitement of being a professional wrestling booker. From the mid 90's, all the way to 2016 these simple text based simulation games somehow hook you year in and year out.

In conclusion. If you are not a fan of either Text Based Simulation games, or professional wrestling you probably won't care much for Total Extreme Warfare 2016. This game has a very loyal, and niche fan base. However if you are a fan of this type of game, then Total Extreme Warfare 2016 will not disappoint. With tons of new features such as the above mentioned Alliance titles, Auto-Booker, Broadcasting system re haul, backstage changes and much, much more you can be assured that Total Extreme Warfare 2016 continues the untarnished legacy of Adam Ryland and his series.

Rating: 5/5   I don't give out 5/5 ratings lightly. However with the amount of new features, and the mod community in TEW 2016 we have yet another masterpiece from Adam Ryland which will have TEW faithfuls playing for the next few years until the next entry becomes available. The only negative I can think of is some may think that $34.95 may be a bit steep for a text based game. However, with the amount of content available in the mod community, to the insane replay value this game has I don't think it is necessarily too much to ask.

Note: Upon first writing this review I was informed that it mirrored the opinion of a reviewer from another website. To be honest, I had never went to the website mentioned but after reading their review I had to agree that our articles were somewhat similar. Therefore I decided to rewrite the article. Not because I don't respect the other reviewer, but more so because I don't really want my reviews or writings to be compared to another writer. I want to thank the person who pointed that out to me and hope everyone enjoys the new review. As always I do this because I enjoy writing, and the gaming community. Take care, and I'll see you in game.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Best way to watch Ragetrip Gaming on twitch

With the new design & setup of channel it has all been set up for optimal viewing and participation using the better twitch tv addon for chrome (and firefox). This will walk you through basic setup and settings for the best viewing experience.

1. Install the BTTV extension from (For Chrome) or (for Firefox, Opera, etc.)

2. Once installed you may need to restart your browser completely.

3. Go to and once there at the bottom of the chat, click the small gear icon followed by BBetterTTV settings.

4. Make sure BetterTTV Emotes, Blue Buttons, DarkenTTV, and Emote Menu are turned on. (You can go through the rest of the settings to fine tune it if you like. Lots of great options in there!)

5. Close out of the menu and click the settings gear icon again. Now you should see a little face icon next to the viewer list. Click it and scroll down to server icons.

6. Open that menu and scroll down and check out loads of new emotes including a "Channel Emotes" Tabs with a few Ragetrip exclusives and more!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Will I Rage? Dead by Daylight


If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge horror fan. This includes games, films and everything between. With that said, the fact that the slasher genre is making a huge showing this year in the gaming world has me super hyped up. I managed to play some of the open beta for Dead by Daylight the week prior to release and to be fair I thought the game was pretty good, but had some serious faults. Now that the game has come to full release, I decided now is the time to ask Will I Rage? Dead By Daylight

The first thing I'd like to say is that I really do enjoy the feel of the game. The maps are the perfect size and give the perfectly creepy vibe you'd want and expect from a title such as this one. My one complaint is I'd have liked to see 4-5 maps upon release instead of the couple it gives. Even with only a couple though the game still manages to keep that fun factor for hours and hours of binge gaming. With the maps not being gigantic it is fairly simple to memorize the lay of land quickly which I think is a good thing. In each map your goal as a survivor is to get the generators working, open the gate once you do and escape.......or if you happen to luck into finding it, there is a trap door for easy escape. The trap door for me has been a unicorn. I know a few spots that it can spawn, but never seem to be able to find it in the heat of a match. The killer on the other hand. His job is to kill everyone. Sounds simple enough right? Well, not really.

The problem with playing as the killer is, unless you choose the super overpowered wrath then your wondering around being kited by people constantly. One thing I hate is the whole jumping a window, circling the structure and doing it over and over again trick that tons of survivors seem to exploit. On the flip side, the killer will hook you, and just stand there so that none of the survivors can come even attempt a rescue. While both tactics are legal, I find them to cheapen the experience.

Speaking of survivors and killers.......I'd again like to say that I'd like to see more choices, as well as more VISUAL upgrade choices. I'd like more outfits and skins for each to drop since I am in fact a customization junkie at heart. I'd also as the killer like to have more ways to kill my prey than simply hanging them from a hook, to watch unexplained tentacles sweep in and impale my victims. This is where I think Friday the 13th will shine with multiple different ways to kill survivors. It gets boring only being able to use a hook when I'm clearly carrying a weapon capable of mass murder. Just sayin'. On the flip side even though I wouldn't mind a couple more escape/survival options I'm actually fine with the teamwork needed to power the generators, or the ability to say "screw it" and leave through the trapdoor.

The one thing I'm really NOT ok with is the fact there is no party system for joining ranked as survivors. Now some people argue that it isn't fair for the killer. Well what I have to say to that is I agree. However, "Kill your friends" mode requires actually having a full group and killer. What if I only have 1 or 2 friends online at a time? Not being able to team up with a buddy or two to queue while understandable totally ruins the game for a lot of people myself included. If I wanted to play a single player survival horror game I'd play Outlast, Layers of Fear, Alien: Isolation or one of a number of amazing survival horror single player titles. The shining light here is that the devs have seen the backlash and decided to allow a "Survive with friends" mode where you can in fact team with a few buddies in ranked play. I honestly don't think this will be a huge disadvantage to the killer either. It is a disadvantage but lets face it. When the poo hits the fan, I'm willing to put my money on the fact that you'll find out your buddy is going to leave your ass on that hook while he escapes. I know I would. With the current survivor system there is no communication at all between the survivors. No chat or even quick gestures. This leaves the experience a lonely feeling with no real reason to ever work with anyone, or save the life of anyone. After all, no one ever even really acknowledges your presence.

All in all, for the first of a few promising slasher titles releasing this year I think that Dead by Daylight is a good start, with a promising looking future as long as they keep listening to their fan base and bring out new maps, killers, survivors and content on a somewhat regular basis. I personally play a couple of matches a week on stream right now and love it. But until they implement teaming up with my followers and friends it isn't really something I can go hardcore on. The gameplay is fun, the sounds and graphics are very well done and make you feel that sense of being hunted by a homicidal maniac with evil tentacle spawning hooks of doom. I think more content both maps and more playable characters will be needed for longevity as well as the ability to queue with friends that is confirmed to be coming SOON. I will be taking another look at this one in a month or two once they've put in some work on fixing the issues that plague the game right now. Even with all the issues and bugs however, I will say that for a price tag under 20 dollars this one is totally worth it.

Overall Review:  3 of 5

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

PC Specs

Motherboard: Asrock x99 Extreme6
Processor: Intel i7 5820k 3.30ghz
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken x61
SSD: Samsung EVO 250gb
Storage Drive: WD Black 1TB
Video Card: Windforce 970 GTX
Ram: 16gb DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sport
Moniors: Dual 24 inch 1080p Asus monitors
Case: Corsair AIR 540 (Black)
Keyboard: Steelseries Merc Stealth
Mouse: Razer Naga
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
Mic: MXL 770 Condenser Mic/Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic
Headphones: Tascam TH-02 (Cheap ass Studio Cans)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Subnautica launches on XBox One


Subnautica Launches on Xbox One 
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 17, 2016 – Unknown Worlds Entertainment, independent developer and publisher known for Natural Selection, Natural Selection 2, and Subnautica on Steam, in association with Grip Games, today announced the release of Subnautica, an underwater, open-world, adventure game on the Xbox One system through the Xbox One Game Preview program, Worldwide at 12am Eastern Daylight Time on May 17, 2016.

This is Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s first console game, having previously released all titles on the PC gaming platform, Steam. Subnautica is now available as an Xbox One Game Preview, available to all Xbox One owners through their dashboards. Xbox One Game Previews offer players the opportunity to play select upcoming games in an early development state.

Subnautica on Xbox One will follow the same development path as the Steam Early Access release of the game on PC. Subnautica on Xbox One launches with content up to and including the H.2O Update, a recent update to the Steam counterpart featuring stunning underwater graphics upgrades.

Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more – All while trying to survive in the open-world, underwater adventure game Subnautica. Still in development, Unknown Worlds Entertainment continues to grow and develop this world through regular updates and open development. Enjoy a sea of exploration as the world of Subnautica expands before your very eyes over the coming months.

About Unknown Worlds:

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is an independent game company based out of San Francisco, California. The entire team is spread out over 11 countries in 4 different continents. Their goal is to unite the world through play.

Founded by Charlie Cleveland & Max McGuire, Unknown Worlds Entertainment began with the release of Natural Selection on Halloween 2002, which exploded onto the Half Life mod scene. The commercial sequel Natural Selection 2 was released on Halloween 2012, and grossed over $10 million. Subnautica was released in prototype form on Halloween 2014, and has since sold over 600,000 copies on Steam Early Access and received a lifetime 92% positive Steam Review rating.

Premier Analysis: Subnautica

Welcome to a new series on Ragetrip Gaming. We normally ask the question, Will I Rage? Which is how I begin my reviews of games. However, This series will be less of a review and more of an initial analysis of games still in alpha or beta stages. You really can't "review" a title in my opinion until the full game is released so this series will focus on taking a first look at games that are still in their alpha, beta or early release stages.

I'd like to first thank the folks over at Unknown Worlds for generously offering a key so we could take a look at this underwater survival game. While a key was provided there was no form of compensation for this preview and all thoughts and opinions are mine alone and as always 100% genuine.

Survival games while fun have began to saturate the gaming market the same way MMORPG's did, and World War 2 shooters before that. You have Zombie survival games for days, Dinosaur survival games, Canadian winter survival games, and yes Underwater survival games. With that said I've always had a soft spot in my heart for these sort of games. Maybe it's because my fiance loves them as do our friends so they are typically games we all play together. Maybe it's because I secretly yearn for a real life zombie apocalypse so I can take off down the street decapitating zombies with a shovel while in my boxers and no one will mind. Either way, while a lot of people are (and rightfully so) getting tired of the same ol scenario force fed to them over and over.........I still have hopes for the genre. When Subnautica came across my radar I was instantly intrigued. Besides the mostly abandoned "World of Diving" there hasn't been many steps in a diving game, let alone one that looks as amazing as the trailer for Subnautica does.

So needless to say when I loaded the game up for the first time, I was pretty excited to see just how good it really was. The following is an account of my experiences with Subnautica, what I love about the game, what I think could be improved on before final release, and what I simply don't like about the game in it's current state. I hope you guys enjoy it. This is Ragetrip Gaming's premier analysis of..

The first thing I'd like to say is that Subnautica IS very much still an early access title. This is why I've decided to start this series seeing as a full out review of an early access game feels very unfair. Instead I am taking a look at the title and examining the game play, features and such while also touching on things that I don't really love or that I think should be added to make the game an overall better experience (If there are any of these things) upon release.

Subnautica at it's core is a survival/crafting game that unlike most in the genre takes place beneath a vast ocean. When I first heard of this title I was indeed intrigued, but like a lot of you seeing several promising survival/crafting titles with promise get abandoned by their devs and/or move to a crawl speed in progression (I'm looking at you DayZ......) has left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad to say that Subnautica is not like that at all. In fact after receiving the key I began to take notes of different things and sadly had a couple of major gripes such as your O2 Tank not having a dedicated gear spot and taking up precious inventory space and creatures you kill not respawning. Then like magic the next day there was a huge patch that fixed both of these issues. Are there still features that need to be added and bugs that need to be fixed? Absolutely. After all this is an early access title. However, even at this early stage in development the game is very much playable, and a whole lot of fun to boot.

First of all..........the game world is beautiful. The sea is very much alive and you can easily get caught up in just swimming around and looking at all the pretty creatures. At night the glowing mushrooms and vines make the sea pop with a neon beauty that makes you want to swim down and relax next to the neon pink mushrooms. On a graphical level the underwater environment is a breath of fresh air in a genre over populated with Zombies, Dinosaurs, and medieval townships. The Danger aspect of this game is pretty balanced to where your cautious about getting into an encounter with the monsters of the deep, but if you must you should be able to defend yourself (as long as your reasonably geared for the area your in). I was able to pretty easily take down a stalker with my knife although I wouldn't recommend doing such a thing if you can avoid it. All in all the "feel" of the game is pretty spot on already as far as the graphics, creature difficulty and overall feel of being stuck in this strange but beautiful ocean.

The crafting system in subnautica is coming along nicely. Using the fabricator will feel like other crafting benches from survival games you've played in the past. There are a decent amount of things you can craft from the jump that will help you along in this new world. The advanced blueprints you get will also be key to eventually expanding out from the small pod you've called home into a larger more customized base.
The one issue I have about the crafting in this game is that I wish there was more of it. However, regardless how much they incorporated I'd probably still feel this way. For an early access release though there is plenty to do and you will not get bored or run out of things to do or craft easily. Being able to use your welder (or another tool) to break down crash site materials into raw materials would also be a neat addition. One other thing I'd like to say about the crafting system I'd like to say and hope that both Unknown Worlds and all future dev's of games of this genre will take to heart. Upon final release I'd like to see a good variety of customization options as would a TON of other gamers. By that I mean........different color rooms and corridors, walls, possibly furniture and decor items you can craft for your base, etc. The more the better really. While some folks could care less about these features I know a ton of gamers who do very much care and would love tons of ways they can customize each base they build. I understand that should be like a last priority on the list but still feel it would be an amazing touch for the final release of the game.

Combat in Subnautica is a lot of fun. You must be cautious.....pick your battles wisely and even when done perfectly you still feel a bit frantic fighting a sand shark. One thing I'd like to see at launch is special "high end" mats dropping as loot when you kill an aggressive lifeforms, the harder the life form, the better the mat. I don't have much more to say about the combat. It is clean, effective and works very well in this title.

Exploration and farming is a huge part of Subnautica as it is for most games in this genre. The ocean is a vast creation of biomes that seems to go on forever, each area bringing its own threats and rewards. I guess it's because there isn't many "underwater" based games like this but exploring and farming in Subnautica feels a lot more fun for me than other genre games. Furthermore, the deeper that you go the cooler things seemingly get. Farming requires different tools (Knife for example cuts vines) and you'll spend a good chunk of time collecting different materials. While I wish there was some way to improve the size of your inventory I do like the floating storage's that you can create and leave in key places. Both exploration and farming becomes significantly more fun once your able to create vehicles (more on that later). One thing I found to be a bit frustrating is that there is no in game map that I've found. Besides that one slight issue though I find it a lot of fun to just explore the ocean while farming for much needed materials.

Vehicles in Subnautica are wonderful. When you get your first seaglide you are ecstatic at how much faster you zip around, and how your able to easily escape monsters who would have done you great harm just minutes before. When you get your seamouth you realize just how amazing this game will truly be with it's underwater vehicle and submarine system. These vehicles give you a whole lot of freedom and make exploring and farming much more manageable (and even possible at insane depths you couldn't go in the past). But always remember to have plenty of power with you. There is nothing worse than getting trapped in the deep and running out of juice! Life can be intense under the sea.

Nothing matches the feeling of accomplishment in Subnautica as the feeling you get when you get the beginnings of your first base up and running, and can say goodbye to living out of your tiny little escape pod. When you are able to start building your underwater palace, get set up with basic corridors and your all purpose room. Then panels! Now your cooking you think! You can now breath in your new home in the sea! Next up is to set yourself up with lockers, a fabricator, a med kit station and then you can truly forget about your escape pod (or do what I do and use it as an outpost). Building in subnautica is easier and more efficient than most survival games which is a good thing. At this early level you don't have much "customization" of your base with furnishings, decorations, etc. But I am hopeful that these things will be added when they should......once everything important is done. Base building in Subnautica even at current stages is a lot of fun and I can almost promise you that you will have multiple ones all over the bottom of the sea at different depths before you are satisfied.

I have to say that when I started this game I was filled with hope, but expected the worse. Now that I've clocked some mileage in the game and checked out most of what Subnautica has to offer I can happily say that the game is very good even in current early access state. Again, it's not perfect and there are a lot of features and additions mentioned in the article above that I'd love to see added before full release but at a $19.99 price tag with a promising Dev team and solid foundation I'd suggest picking it up as soon as possible. I think most of you will find it money well spent.

Want more Subnautica content? Keep your eyes out on and our youtube channel for a lot more to come! Also check out the live twitch channel where I do play this game and many more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Will I Rage? Marvel Heroes 2016 (Annual Review)


I have played Marvel Heroes since the open beta weekend. It has been a love hate relationship in the past. Many of you will remember how critical I was of the game at launch. Then, I did my yearly review for the 2015 update that you can read here. It is another year now though and another updated review. So now its time to ask, Will I Rage? Marvel Heroes 2016.

Heroes and Costumes
What's new as far as heroes and costumes go? Are they coming out in a timely manor? Have prices dropped? Did they ever release deadpool's 52 review?! Well here are some answers that will hopefully answer these questions and more. Since we last dove into the world of marvel heroes a lot has changed. Deadpool is freakin' amazing, You can run around causing tons of havoc as Venom, and Luke Cage is the most powerful hero in the game (kidding about Cage). We have seen an impressive increase of heroes that seem to endlessly come as well as playable villains (although they aren't really villains in the game). Costumes have also been plentiful with the inclusion of enhanced costumes that look amazing with custom voice packs as well. Also with the prestige system (we'll get into that later) and the addition of the 3 for 1 random costume trade you can get some of these good special costumes for free pretty much! My only gripe is that even after I pestered them during live streaming...........there is still no playable Howard the Duck........shame on you gazillion......shame on you.

End Game Content
Upon launch end game content for marvel heroes was lacking to say the least. However as you may have read in last years review it had came a long way. Cosmic Terminals, One Shots, Cow levels, X-Defense, Mid Town Madness, PVP, and Raids were all added. So what has been improved upon in this area? Quite a lot actually! In addition to Midtown you now have Industry City Patrol, and Hightown for a change of scenery on those long, lonely nights of grinding. Speaking of Midtown, Industry City Patrol and Hightown Patrol........They now have Cosmic versions which you have to actually do cosmic atonement for.......YAY! New One Shots were also added with the Bronx Zoo and March to Axis. The last of which you will mindlessly farm your butt off in to get the highly coveted Cosmic Red Skull Medallion. Another new challenge available is the "Age of Ultron" where you enter central park with a full group to battle Ultron and his army. On top of that you now have Green (Easy) versions of raids as well as Red (Not so easy). The Axis Raid was also released which from what I hear is pretty intense (I have yet to do it because......reasons.). The best current farming option at end game in my opinion (Besides raiding) would be the addition of the Danger Room simulation. It's a group run where you get different simulation drops throughout the world and then can use them to summon a portal to the danger room. Beware though, this isn't for fresh 60's. You will need some gear and/or a solid group not to get wrecked. All in all I'd say they have come out with a load of content this year for the game and I'm very impressed in my options of things to do. However I will say that Fire & Ice PVP has been in beta for close to 3 years now.

Gear, Gear, Oh Glorious Gear!
Gear optimization has come a long way also. You now have Unique Rings (Yessss!), A much more badass legendary (That you do need to rep grind for), as well as the addition of Cosmic Insignia's and your pet being able to pick up some pretty useful affixes as well. Furthermore there has been a ton of work done on uniques to balance things out as well as a ton of new artifacts introduced into the game to make your builds even trickier.

My Favorite Hero still sucks.......
Sweet Christmas! You must be playing Luke Cage (Kidding Luke Cage players......sort of......). Honestly though I've played plenty of characters since returning to the game and have yet to find one that I'd consider to be terrible like before. I'm so happy that they fixed my damn Deadpool though I may be a bit bias. None the less if your hero does suck, reviews will still happen and soon enough you will be out fighting crime with the best of them.

Every Batman needs his Robin...
Hmmm...... I probably could have come up with a better analogy seeing as this is a marvel game. None the less team ups have now been added to marvel heroes! You've got Magik, The Deadpool Kid, Spider-Man, Groot and more............and PIRATE DEADPOOL! (Check my guide on how to get pirate deadpool for free here!). Oh yes........and HOWARD THE DUCK! Now most of these will need to be purchased with G, however the best in game (Agent Coulson) and a few others can be obtained for free with in game events and achievements. Team ups can fight along side you, or you can never summon them and use them for passive buffs. They have their own gear slots, and are a very cool addition to an already loaded game.

Free Starter Heroes?!
While last year the selection of your free starting hero was better...........It was still kind of blah. This year however they now allow you your starter hero, but also the ability to level every hero to 10. This gives you a chance to play them and see if you like their style before you buy them (or spend shards on them). This feature I love. My fiance recently started playing and before dumping money on characters that she'd never play (Because she is very picky.....) she got to test them out and pick exactly what she wanted.

Ragetrip Conclusion
In a years time Gazillion Entertainment has once again surprised me with just how much work they can do in their game. Since launch they turned a game that only hardcore comic fans would stick with to one of the best (if not the best) ARPG on the market. I hope to see them continue on the path they are on in keeping this game fun, fresh and one of my favorites now. My only gripe about Marvel Heroes almost 3 years after launch is the fact that the PVP is still in beta. I understand things are more important but 3 years?........Common Gaz.......and damnit, if I don't have a playable Howard the Duck by the 2017 review I'm coming for you kidding! Amazing work guys, you've earned this rating!

2015 Score: 4/5

Marvel Heroes 2016 Score: 5/5

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pirate Deadpool Team-Up Guide

The search for Pirate Deadpool

So you want to find the super top secret Pirate Deadpool Team Up do you? Well look no further! I will now explain how to obtain him in a series of steps where you will complete hidden achievements in order to unlock him. This should only take an hour or two tops so strap in, follow these instructions and become awesome!

  • Whispering Winds 
Head over to Buccaneer Beach in Chapter 3 of the story mode on any hero. From there search the beach for the Hydra Outpost (to the northeast on the map). Once you find it, use the /listen emote 10 times. Once you do you will get the achievement popup. 
**Note** If /listen doesn't work just switch hero's. Some Hero's cannot use that emote.

  • Message in a bottle
You may actually get this one while doing step 1. If not, you need to roam around Buccaneer Beach mindlessly slaughtering enemies as any hero. This will take awhile, but be persistant and you will receive the item "Message in a bottle" which gives you an achievement (and the thing sells for a decent amount to boot!)

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 1
Here you must defeat hordes of hand ninja's. I find the easiest place to do this is in the hand tower in chapter 3. You will no doubt do this damn thing over and over again but damn it, it's worth it! I've heard from Reddit that it takes about 400 ninjas before you get the achievement so again.....stick with it.

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 2
So you defeated armies of pesky ninja's? On to the hood terminal (green is fine). Farm this over and over (Again, about 400 kills it seems) until you get the achievement.

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 3
Now hop over to Norway in chapter 9. Here you will need to run around and murder people (There is a lot of easy to kill Hydra's out there as well as other things). People are saying about 400 guys here too so stay strong....

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 4
Tired of this yet?...No worries your close! Head to Wakanda (Vibraniam Mines One Shot Terminal). Go as fast as you can until you get into the cave. Once inside kill, kill, kill! Go crazy. If you haven't got it by the time you get to man-ape fight his spawns too. I got this my first run through off of a moloid. Once you get the achievement, it's time to move on to the last step!

  • Buried Treasure
Defeat enemies in chapter 7. I know, I hate the Jurrassic Park area myself but just do it. Run through the jungle killing anything you come across. Get bored with that, head over to the Mutated Marsh and do the same. Eventually you will get an achievement and notice a "Pirate Deadpool Reward Box" in your inventory. You've done it, Grats!
**Note** The damn reward box spawns your team up token on the ground. So MAKE SURE that you pick it up once you open the box or your going to be explaining to Gazillion why they need to help you retrieve it.

Why horror fans should have faith in Friday the 13th: The Game


I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the upcoming Friday the 13th video game. Be it the massively successful kickstarter campaign, the different alpha footage videos released or the inclusion of horror legends Tom Savini and Kane Hodder on the project. At first like most horror fans I was very skeptical about it all. While I dream, and yearn for an amazing slasher style horror game I know that we (the horror fans) have been burned so many times by the video game industry it's hard to really put your faith into a project, especially a Friday the 13th project after the last one for Nintendo is arguably considered the worst video game of all time. With that said, I've watched as this game began as "Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp" which we all knew was just one big fan letter to Friday the 13th. Then when Sean Cunningham got in touch with the dev team to offer up the official Friday the 13th license.

Here is why I truly believe this game could be great and why we should all relax a little and give this game a chance. First off...............Tom Savini working with the team as executive producer and Cinematography. If there is one man in horror that you can trust behind the camera to make things look amazing it's Tom Savini. He has proven himself without a shadow of a doubt to be the true master of effects. Then of course you have Kane Hodder. In case you don't know who Kane Hodder is he is the actor/stuntman who is widely considered by the horror community as the best Jason of all time...and guess what? They signed him on to do all the Motion Capture work for Jason in the game. So at very least we can rest assured that the game will look amazing with Tom Savini on board, and Jason will both look and move perfectly thanks to Kane Hodder's Mo-Cap work.  

Now that we have these two legends on board and can rest easy knowing Jason won't go all "Jazz hands", and that the effects and cinematography will be superb lets talk about the game play itself. The dev's of this game are Gun Media. Gun Media has brought us Breach & Clear, as well as it's sequel Breach & Clear: Deadline. The first getting pretty excellent reviews and ratings on meta critic, while the sequel got slightly lower marks but still good. The fact that a company with credits for only 2 games can be scary to a lot of folks. "Why are we trusting our beloved Friday the 13th to these guys? After all, look at what platinum dunes did to the movie remake!" This is actually a valid question and fear. However, would you rather trust the game to the folks over at Activision/Blizzard? What about EA?........I didn't think so. Like original film......I prefer it to be trusted to a smaller dev team, and one who's members are passionate about the franchise. These guys really are passionate about making this game, with 2 games under their belt, but two games that were very successful for the low marketing budget. From the teaser videos they keep putting out on the Gun Media Youtube channel the game looks great. We haven't really seen much "game play" as of yet or how the controls and camera angles will work but all in all for early alpha footage I'd say it doesn't look like we have much reason to complain....yet besides the fact the girl in the teaser above is covering her breasts......(kidding!)

All in all I'd say this game looks like it's coming along nicely. The Dev's communicate very frequently with the fan base and seem to be hard at work to deliver a title that we will play for years to come. For the pre-order digital price tag of $30.00 I feel from what we know it is definitely worth the gamble. If you want to pick it up, along with extras such as Counselor clothing Pack DLC, and the Digital Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees character (Damn it Tom! Take my money!) check out the Friday the 13th Pre-Order page. If your just interesting in watching the videos, and learning more about the game you can check it out at In conclusion guys I know it's hard to put your faith in a horror title, especially one based off of a movie. However this team seems extremely passionate and dedicated..........not to mention they've hired on Savini and Hodder. So I ask you.....have a little faith and lets hope that the October 2016 date (the expected delivery time on the site for the game) stays in place so we can be slaughtering one another in the best of ways this Halloween!

Marvel Heroes 2016 Redeem Code List


New to marvel Heroes? Want a jump start on things? Here is a list of codes that you can enter that will give you in game rewards. To ender these codes you must go to and log into the official site with your info. Once in click the tab "Redeem Key" and enter the following keys. You CAN redeem them all so just do one after the other.

This page will be updated with the latest codes so be sure to check back soon.

Redeem Codes

  • INSTITUTE  (Provides various boosts)
  • 2015 (Provides Fortune Card Mark I x1, Fortune Card Mark II x1, Fortune Card Mark V x72)
  • INFLUENCE (Provides Chest of 200 Genosha Influence)
  • THANK-YOU-FOR-VERIFYING-YOUR-EMAIL (Provides 2x Credit Boost, 2x Rif Boost, 2x Sif Boost)
  • JACKOLANTERN (Provides Jack O' Lantern Visual Spotlight Recipe

Will I Rage? Town of Salem Review


When I first started playing Town of Salem my expectations were admittedly not too high. I had never played the party game "Mafia" or "Werewolf" before. I wasn't even sure what Town of Salem was about. So I went into this game with no expectations and in hopes I had found a new and fun game for myself, my friends and fans of my stream to play together. First I'd like to say there is a bit of a learning curve when you start the game. You have to learn the roles, when and how to lie correctly and more importantly how to properly use both your death note and your will. Leaving information (or false information) for the other players in case of death is a very important part of the game. Don't get frustrated. Play a few rounds and soon you will understand exactly what is going on. Now to answer the question...........Will I Rage? Town of Salem!


Rating: 5/5

The game play in Town of Salem is it's bread and butter. This is not a huge graphical blockbuster game. If that is what your looking for you can probably skip this review and go buy The Division. If your looking for a smart, extremely fun experience you can enjoy alone or with a group of friends without the stress of "hardcore" or "elitist" game play this is the game for you (although there is ranked play which is a plus for more serious players). What the game lacks in the graphical area (which it does not need) it makes up for with extremely fun and addictive game play. You take either a Town, Mafia, or Neutral role. Whichever role you get you have to perform that job. Investigator will find clues and be able to find mafia, serial killers, etc. A Jester must deceive the town into executing him, etc. The tricky part starts when people begin to lie and deceive the town. Everyone gets to vote once per round on a member of the game to execute. Then that player must make his case to why he shouldn't be executed. The best way to prove your innocence is to post your will which "should" show your activity every day. If you are hung, you can hang out in dead chat and even give clues to the medium to tell the live players. All in all as far as game play goes Town of Salem is flawless in my eyes. It plays at a perfect pace. My only peeve is some players just randomly lynch people for no reason......but lets face it, your not going to find a troll free game that plays online. Another cool thing is the item shop in game. There is nothing that gives anyone any sort of real advantage. However you can earn "gold" from completing games (or purchasing for real money if that's your thing) which can be used to buy houses, characters, death animations and more. It's a good micro-transaction model that I have dropped a few bucks to myself to support the game.

Rating: 4/5

This was a hard area to rate. This game does not, and has never been about groundbreaking graphics. I've rated this based not on the "quality" but how the graphics actually fit with this unique game type. I honestly love the graphics. The game has a cartoon-ish feel as you look over the small town of Salem.  The actual "levels" used are determined by the game host and which backgrounds he has unlocked and has chosen. It's basically the same layout with different looks as seen below in the dark forest background. Characters are crisp and mostly cute as are the other decorations you can purchase with gold. All in all I'd say that even though the graphics are not ground breaking they fit the theme and style of the game perfectly, enhancing the experience almost perfectly.


Rating: 2/5
If you read my reviews you'll notice that I am much more focused on the audio in games more than a lot of other reviewers. With this said I have to say that the one thing that I wasn't overly impressed with about Town of Salem was the audio. Honestly, I'm pretty sure the audio in this specific game wasn't a high up on the priority of things to do. The music while it fits the theme great becomes repetitive to the point of muting very quickly. The sound effects are a bit kooky but that too fits the game. I love a game with an amazing audio track however I do understand that with indie game developers in genres that don't require amazing sound, that sound is usually the low point in the games budget.


Rating: 5/5

There are two options when it comes to picking up Town of Salem. The first, and the one I'd suggest is on steam at Town of Salem on Steam. You get the game on your steam account and get to support the developers. Even better it comes at the low price of $4.99. The second option for people wanting to play but can't really afford the 4.99 is playing the browser based version for free on the blank media games website Browser based Version. Either way this game is about as good of a value as your going to find for the hours of entertainment it will provide.

Overall Rating: 5/5

The only real flaw I found in this game is the audio but even then it's on par with similarly styled games. The game is fun, addictive, fresh and a blast to play with friends in queue alone. Mix that with the ability to play absolutely free, or for a small 5 dollars for an actual app version on steam is a killer deal. On top of all that the developers listen to their community and are constantly adding things such as the mobile version of Town of Salem that is currently in beta. You can check out the blank Media Games channel where the devs play with fans every week to see just how interactive they are with their community.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Will I Rage? 1954 Alcatraz


I have always been fascinated with crime stories. Be it the Goodfellas, Breaking Bad, or a video game like Mafia II. I'm especially drawn to prison stories that are done right so it is no surprise when I tell you that Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite flicks of all time. So when I sat down to play 1954 Alcatraz for the first time I had high hopes. However do to the history of games that are based on Alcatraz I was very skeptical. So now I will answer the question......."Will I Rage? 1954 Alcatraz"


1954 Alcatraz is an adventure clicker that takes you through the struggle of Joe and his wife Christine. During the game you switch and play between both Joe and Christine as Joe attempts to make his escape from the most notorious prison in America. As you may realize this game relies heavily on the story. Every action will effect how things turn out (kind of). As far as the game play and mechanics of the game they are pretty standard for this type of game. The coolest feature is the seamless transitions from Joe to Cristine. The puzzles seem to lack variety as well as difficulty making it far too easy.

I actually really dig the graphics and art in this game. Some people may disagree but I feel it fits the story, game play and time period perfectly. I do understand some people don't like cartoonish or Artsy graphics but for this game it fits amazingly. It could be polished a bit better and made amazing but that's my biggest problem with the game is that the production values seem a bit sketchy.


This is the bread and butter of 1954 Alcatraz. The story of Joe and his wife Christine. Joe is in prison for an armored truck heist gone wrong. After an attempted escape he was sent to the rock. Throughout the game you switch between Joe and his wife Christine as both weave their way through the game world to prepare for Joe to make his big escape attempt. The game attempts to give you choices that changes the outcome but isn't very open. In fact, it's more like you take one path or the other really. The story itself is a good one however it never really captivates and feels extremely rushed. Did I enjoy it? Yes. But I wish that they had of taken their time with it more. Instead the entire game feels extremely rushed. 


This game has a price tag of $19.99 on steam. It simply isn't worth it. The good news is that this game is on sale for under 5 bucks quite often. If you can get it for under 5 bucks on sale or in a bundle I'd totally suggest the game. It's NOT a bad game. It's just not really a good one either.


I am conflicted when it comes to how I feel about 1954 Alcatraz. I enjoyed my two runs through the game, while at the same time being let down. The colorful cartoon art style was breathtaking at moments. The music and voice acting were also surprisingly good. With the music being exceptionally flawless. Then you get a story that has a ton of potential but in reality is too short and rushed for you to ever develop feelings for the characters one way or another. This becomes a problem when making scandalous decisions doesn't make you feel the least bit bad. All in all if you can get the game on sale for under 5 bucks I'd suggest picking it up. But if you pick it up for the $19.99 price'll probably rage.

Rating: 2.5/5