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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pirate Deadpool Team-Up Guide

The search for Pirate Deadpool

So you want to find the super top secret Pirate Deadpool Team Up do you? Well look no further! I will now explain how to obtain him in a series of steps where you will complete hidden achievements in order to unlock him. This should only take an hour or two tops so strap in, follow these instructions and become awesome!

  • Whispering Winds 
Head over to Buccaneer Beach in Chapter 3 of the story mode on any hero. From there search the beach for the Hydra Outpost (to the northeast on the map). Once you find it, use the /listen emote 10 times. Once you do you will get the achievement popup. 
**Note** If /listen doesn't work just switch hero's. Some Hero's cannot use that emote.

  • Message in a bottle
You may actually get this one while doing step 1. If not, you need to roam around Buccaneer Beach mindlessly slaughtering enemies as any hero. This will take awhile, but be persistant and you will receive the item "Message in a bottle" which gives you an achievement (and the thing sells for a decent amount to boot!)

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 1
Here you must defeat hordes of hand ninja's. I find the easiest place to do this is in the hand tower in chapter 3. You will no doubt do this damn thing over and over again but damn it, it's worth it! I've heard from Reddit that it takes about 400 ninjas before you get the achievement so again.....stick with it.

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 2
So you defeated armies of pesky ninja's? On to the hood terminal (green is fine). Farm this over and over (Again, about 400 kills it seems) until you get the achievement.

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 3
Now hop over to Norway in chapter 9. Here you will need to run around and murder people (There is a lot of easy to kill Hydra's out there as well as other things). People are saying about 400 guys here too so stay strong....

  • Pirate's Treasure Map, Fragment 4
Tired of this yet?...No worries your close! Head to Wakanda (Vibraniam Mines One Shot Terminal). Go as fast as you can until you get into the cave. Once inside kill, kill, kill! Go crazy. If you haven't got it by the time you get to man-ape fight his spawns too. I got this my first run through off of a moloid. Once you get the achievement, it's time to move on to the last step!

  • Buried Treasure
Defeat enemies in chapter 7. I know, I hate the Jurrassic Park area myself but just do it. Run through the jungle killing anything you come across. Get bored with that, head over to the Mutated Marsh and do the same. Eventually you will get an achievement and notice a "Pirate Deadpool Reward Box" in your inventory. You've done it, Grats!
**Note** The damn reward box spawns your team up token on the ground. So MAKE SURE that you pick it up once you open the box or your going to be explaining to Gazillion why they need to help you retrieve it.


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