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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why horror fans should have faith in Friday the 13th: The Game


I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the upcoming Friday the 13th video game. Be it the massively successful kickstarter campaign, the different alpha footage videos released or the inclusion of horror legends Tom Savini and Kane Hodder on the project. At first like most horror fans I was very skeptical about it all. While I dream, and yearn for an amazing slasher style horror game I know that we (the horror fans) have been burned so many times by the video game industry it's hard to really put your faith into a project, especially a Friday the 13th project after the last one for Nintendo is arguably considered the worst video game of all time. With that said, I've watched as this game began as "Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp" which we all knew was just one big fan letter to Friday the 13th. Then when Sean Cunningham got in touch with the dev team to offer up the official Friday the 13th license.

Here is why I truly believe this game could be great and why we should all relax a little and give this game a chance. First off...............Tom Savini working with the team as executive producer and Cinematography. If there is one man in horror that you can trust behind the camera to make things look amazing it's Tom Savini. He has proven himself without a shadow of a doubt to be the true master of effects. Then of course you have Kane Hodder. In case you don't know who Kane Hodder is he is the actor/stuntman who is widely considered by the horror community as the best Jason of all time...and guess what? They signed him on to do all the Motion Capture work for Jason in the game. So at very least we can rest assured that the game will look amazing with Tom Savini on board, and Jason will both look and move perfectly thanks to Kane Hodder's Mo-Cap work.  

Now that we have these two legends on board and can rest easy knowing Jason won't go all "Jazz hands", and that the effects and cinematography will be superb lets talk about the game play itself. The dev's of this game are Gun Media. Gun Media has brought us Breach & Clear, as well as it's sequel Breach & Clear: Deadline. The first getting pretty excellent reviews and ratings on meta critic, while the sequel got slightly lower marks but still good. The fact that a company with credits for only 2 games can be scary to a lot of folks. "Why are we trusting our beloved Friday the 13th to these guys? After all, look at what platinum dunes did to the movie remake!" This is actually a valid question and fear. However, would you rather trust the game to the folks over at Activision/Blizzard? What about EA?........I didn't think so. Like original film......I prefer it to be trusted to a smaller dev team, and one who's members are passionate about the franchise. These guys really are passionate about making this game, with 2 games under their belt, but two games that were very successful for the low marketing budget. From the teaser videos they keep putting out on the Gun Media Youtube channel the game looks great. We haven't really seen much "game play" as of yet or how the controls and camera angles will work but all in all for early alpha footage I'd say it doesn't look like we have much reason to complain....yet besides the fact the girl in the teaser above is covering her breasts......(kidding!)

All in all I'd say this game looks like it's coming along nicely. The Dev's communicate very frequently with the fan base and seem to be hard at work to deliver a title that we will play for years to come. For the pre-order digital price tag of $30.00 I feel from what we know it is definitely worth the gamble. If you want to pick it up, along with extras such as Counselor clothing Pack DLC, and the Digital Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees character (Damn it Tom! Take my money!) check out the Friday the 13th Pre-Order page. If your just interesting in watching the videos, and learning more about the game you can check it out at In conclusion guys I know it's hard to put your faith in a horror title, especially one based off of a movie. However this team seems extremely passionate and dedicated..........not to mention they've hired on Savini and Hodder. So I ask you.....have a little faith and lets hope that the October 2016 date (the expected delivery time on the site for the game) stays in place so we can be slaughtering one another in the best of ways this Halloween!


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