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Friday, July 29, 2016

Best way to watch Ragetrip Gaming on twitch

With the new design & setup of channel it has all been set up for optimal viewing and participation using the better twitch tv addon for chrome (and firefox). This will walk you through basic setup and settings for the best viewing experience.

1. Install the BTTV extension from (For Chrome) or (for Firefox, Opera, etc.)

2. Once installed you may need to restart your browser completely.

3. Go to and once there at the bottom of the chat, click the small gear icon followed by BBetterTTV settings.

4. Make sure BetterTTV Emotes, Blue Buttons, DarkenTTV, and Emote Menu are turned on. (You can go through the rest of the settings to fine tune it if you like. Lots of great options in there!)

5. Close out of the menu and click the settings gear icon again. Now you should see a little face icon next to the viewer list. Click it and scroll down to server icons.

6. Open that menu and scroll down and check out loads of new emotes including a "Channel Emotes" Tabs with a few Ragetrip exclusives and more!


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