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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Coming Soon: 2019 Content Roadmap

As promised this will be a "game plan" or "road map" to content and community events that I plan to introduce or revamp over the next few months into later summer/early fall. There is no guarantee that these idea's will for sure come to life but it's things I'm either planning or looking into.

  • Returning to Marvel: This has already started actually. The last few streams I've done have been for the Android game Marvel: Future Fight. In the future I'm looking to add in other Marvel android titles, Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 (for PC) and eventually the Avengers project from square if it ever releases.
  • City of Heroes: There are now live City of Heroes servers again (private servers). I am looking into doing some content in this game as well if there is interest.
  • WMMA5: I'm looking to get my hands on World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 so that I can do Twitch/YouTube content with both a weekly episode of me taking over a promotion as well as use it as a fun tool for a "fight companion/Pre-Event" style stream.
  • Graphic overhaul: I'd love to work on new custom graphics for the stream. Money is the issue here so we will play this one by ear.
  • Website overhaul: Currently looking for a friend knowledgeable in coding these blog sites and designing layouts and such. 
  • Fresh Faces: Currently looking for streamers I trust and enjoy the content to agree to doing a full or part-time schedule on the Ragetrip twitch channel.
  • YouTube content: I have been wanting to branch out into doing some YouTube content for a few years now. I'm very green when it comes to video editing which has held me back. I'm currently working on figuring out the ins and outs of YouTube to bring some exclusive content to the platform.
  • Horror: Just because I'm returning to Marvel doesn't mean that I'm turning my back on horror gaming. I will still be heavy into Dead by Daylight and other horror titles for the weekend streams.
  • Podcast: This is the biggest "maybe" idea on the list. I'd LOVE to do a montly or even bi-weekly podcast focused on all the things I love. Think the Joe Rogan Experience meets comic con/horror conventions. A strange mix of nerd culture, horror, mma, etc. I know nothing about podcasting though so this is a very "on paper" idea at the moment. No promises.


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