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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Surviving Dead by Daylight: Advice for new survivors

Awhile back I wrote a "will I rage" review about the 4v1 survivor horror game Dead by Daylight. While this game is FAR from perfect and admittedly not for everyone I've grown very fond of the game. I especially enjoy playing as the survivor. I enjoy the thrill of being hunted by a madman while trying to work with a group of other survivors to desperately escape. 
With that said, there are many flaws with this game. Due to the design of the game and there only really being one "escape" method can get old for a lot of people fast. This aspect is where I feel Friday the 13th did it better (One of the few things they did right with that game). Other flaws include no real penalty for a player to leave mid game which is a huge problem in the community, killers camping the hooks and toxic players on both sides. 
However, even with all of the flaws Dead by Daylight is the best game of it's kind to come out thus far. With the addition of Michael Myers, Leatherface, The Pig (from Saw), and Freddy Kruger as well as home grown killers such as Plague, Clown, Hillybilly and spirit to name a few with more being introduced regularly and the recent addition of Ash (From Evil Dead Fame) as a survivor this game has become a huge hit for horror fans. If your thinking about hopping into this deliciously dark gaming experience now is a great time. With a new chapter coming soon and dedicated servers do to roll out this summer things are looking bright. Here are some tips for would be survivors in the world of dead by daylight to get you started.

1. All survivors are equal in the end

Don't look at a survivors perks as an indication of who you want to main. Unlike a killer, all survivors are equal in the end. What I mean by this is, once you level a survivor to 35, there is a chance for a red colored perk to appear on the blood web. By getting this perk, it unlocks that perk to show up on ALL survivors blood webs. So in the end, all survivors can have any perk.

2. Don't fall in love right away

With a wide array of survivors in both the core game, as well as the many that come in DLC such as Ash from Evil Dead, and Laurie Strode from Halloween it's easy to fall in love with a "favorite" survivor. That is all well and good but you will need to level up multiple survivors to unlock the ability for their perks to show up on the other's tree. So if you really want to main Ash, you may want to save him until you level up the characters with the perks you want for your build.

3. Survive with Friends

Sadly in the current state of the game solo queue can quickly become much worse of a nightmare than being chased by a chain wielding Leatherface. With the trend of many survivors just DCing after getting downed one time and totally screwing their team, asshole teammates who constantly lead the killer to other survivors to save their own ass and players who will unhook you with the killer feet away your experience in DBD will be MUCH better if you queue up with friends. If you don't have friends who play you may want to consider either killer queues, or going to twitch and finding streamers who are allowing viewers to join in with them.

4. Hanging out

You have 2-3 times to be hooked before you die depending on how fast the others come to your aid. With that said, NEVER try to escape yourself. All this does is drastically deplete your bar with an extremely low chance to succeed. Patience is the key here. If it's your first time on the hook hang out. Most of the time a survivor is going to come help you, they may just be finishing a generator or waiting for the killer to go away. Generally you'll have your first hook, and your struggle hook before you die. Sometimes you'll have a second regular hook before the struggle hook if saved fast enough. There is no reason to try and escape on your own (unless you have deliverance activated or something). All this does is screw over your teammates and drastically lower your own chances of survival.

5. Don't be that guy

Being chased by a psychopath who wants nothing more than to hang you from a meat hook can be a terrifying experience. That doesn't mean that you throw all etiquette out the window. Be mindful of where the other survivors are. If you see or know that another survivor is working on a generator or moving quietly through another area DO NOT lead the killer on a chance right to them either out of panic or to try and get the killer on them instead of yourself. It's a POS move that will likely cause that survivor not to rescue if you get hooked or ever intentionally play with you again.

6. Plan things out

Do some research. Find out what kind of build your going for. Figure out which perks you want, from which survivors. Once you do map out a strategy. If you want Urban Evasion your going to have to level Nia to 35, and then continue until the red version pops up on the web for you to snatch for example. This can save you time and energy so you can get to leveling the character you want to main.

7. He's just misunderstood

Occasionally you will enter a game where the killer is either doing dailies, farming blood points or just being nice. You'll know because he'll knock you down, pick you up and let you wiggle free. He'll lead you around to key points, allow you to hit him with pallets and do whatever to help you farm points. When you get in one of these games be a good sport. Allow the killer to farm his points too. Stay in the game until he's ready for you to run out and you both will walk away better off.

8. Discord is your friend

If you have friends who play, get into a group with a twitch streamer or whatever. Discord IS your friend. Hop in, and communicate in voice chat with the other survivors. Coordinate rescue attempts by how many times you've all been hooked, communicate how close you are on a generator, who should head to the door, etc.Not only does this make things easier, but a lot more fun.

9. Stay awhile and listen...

DO NOT play Dead by Daylight with the volume down. Have it at a good volume. You'll want to listen for the killers heartbeat, the huntresses creepy humming, or Freddy's music to know when the killer is close. But more importantly volume ticks from perks as well as the volume tick when a generators skill check is about to happen. This makes nailing skill checks easier, and other survivors not wanting to brain you.

10. The luck factor

Finally there is the luck factor. Yes, Dead by Daylight has a lot of skill involved. You'll learn tactics to escape the killers chase, you'll master skill checks and saving the other survivors. However sometimes luck just will not be on your side. You'll get spotted by the killer within the first minute of a match and become a victim of tunnel vision. Don't let this discourage you.


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