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Twitch Commands

Twitch Chat Commands

Gatherbot Viewer Portal - Click to go to check out and execute gatherbot commands, events and more!

Info Commands
  • !website                (For a link to Ragetrip Gaming Website)
  • !Patreon                 (link to Ragetrip Gaming Patreon Page)
  • !bttv                      (Ragetrip Gaming is best viewed using bttv. This is how to set it up)
  • !specs                  (for an up to date list of my gaming setup)
  • !youtube              (for link to our youtube channel)
  • !tweet                  (quick click tweet link for channel)
  • !commands       (link to this page)
  • !ign                  (Streamers in game name)
  • !game              (Info on game currently being played)
  • !last10             (shows the last 10 followers of the stream)

Entertainment Commands
  • !quotes                  (Returns a random quote from quote database)
  • !quote #                 (Returns specific quote by number) 
  • !surprise                (....just try it)
  • !tip                        (Give random viewer JUST the tip)
  • !AskRRB              (Ask RoadRageBot any yes or no question)
  • !mom                    (Random Yo Mama' Joke)
  • !inspire                  (for those needing inspiration) 
  • !love                      (find true love)
  • !surprise                (Surprise a random user) 
  • !pun                       (Random Pun from Lou)

 Sounds (Played live on command)
  •  !backcock
  •  !conway
  •  !daughter
  •  !dysentery
  •  !grown
  •  !pain
  •  !ron
  •  !sacks
  •  !slender
  •  !struggle
  •  !tgif
  •  !villain
  •  !watching
  •  !zoo


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