Saturday, September 27, 2014

The truth about Furry Paws...

Every guy on the planet (unless you are a complete scumbag) will do something that is just for their significant other once in awhile. Well that was furry paws for me. My girlfriend is REALLY into breeding, training, and competing pure bred dogs. So when I found the browser based simulation Furry Paws I figured it would be something both of us could do together. I am a huge animal lover myself, and while I don't share her passion for the inner mechanics of breeding and showing these dogs, I do love dogs. However going into this game, I felt like it was going to be something that I would "put up with" to make her happy. I was wrong. What I found was a game that is really fun to play.

When you first go to the furry paws website you will see the screen above. To get started, all you have to do is pick from the impressive list of breeds and name your first dog. From there you will be ushered to another screen where you confirm this dog selection and name, as well as create your user account. Once you are signed up, and ready to start playing you run through a tutorial that teaches you the ropes and how to get started. The tutorial is also good because it earns you the in game money needed for a new player.

On my account, I decided that my kennel will be Miniature Pinschers exclusively, who will specialize in Musical Freestyle (dancing min pins for the win!). The game is surprisingly in depth with genetics, competitions, and much more. I was very surprised at the detail put into the breeding, training, and dog competitions. Like I said before, I was never against the game, I just never thought that it would be as much fun as it actually is for someone who isn't really deep into dog breeding. As you (and your dogs) level up, new things unlock. You can expand your kennel, build your own training area there, where you can host your own competitions (another way to make money). Your dogs can be registered at level 5, and much more. To gain extra money you can play a select few games daily, and play Bingo at ANYTIME (I know I played bingo for what felt like hours my first couple days in the game). There are many things you can buy, including collars and leashes which advance your dogs stats, food which has a chance to advance stats, and even other animals that you can put on your pet farm in the game (Once you unlock it) such as the baby purple dragon that I've got sitting in my attic (extra storage space). You can also own a "Mall Store", where you can sell goods that you buy on accident, find, trade, or possibly even get on one of the "Random events" that happens while you browse the site.

As gamers, we tend to play the biggest and baddest games out there. Top of the line First Person Shooters, MMORPGs, ARPGs, RTS, MOBA, etc. But the more hardcore gamers tend to frown away from browser based games like this. For me, I find that as a hardcore gamer I love having a game like this on my second monitor, giving me something else to do WHILE I'm playing other games, or waiting in match queues. This is a game that you can comfortably log into once a day to care for your dogs and such, or you can play it throughout the day as well doing bingo, working your mall store, etc. The community here is a very good one as well. The most Non-Toxic community I've come across in my years of gaming. Upon entering the chat I found the players to be super friendly and helpful. Cussing, Trolling, and being generally toxic will not be tolerated at all in furry paws.

The staff of Furry Paws are also excellent. The game creator who goes by the name Kahlem on the website was quick to get back to me about my desire to write about the game and use some of the game's graphics.  There are players, who are designated "New Player Helpers", who help new players by answering questions and giving advice, and the moderators are par none. I had an issue that I used the "Mod Box" for, and they were more than helpful and I was set up within a couple hours of submitting the ticket.

On the real money side. There are "FPP dollars", which you pay for with real money. However, they aren't super expensive, and aren't needed at all to enjoy the game and have champion level dogs. There is also the option of becoming an "Elite" member for the amazingly low price of $20.00 a year. Again this is NOT needed at all to enjoy the game, but if you do enjoy the game it would be nice to enjoy the perks of being an elite member, and knowing your helping a great game, and even greater community of people.

In conclusion I am not one to usually write about this type of browser based game. In fact there are only 3 of these games that I've found to be worth my time. This game is a gem that keeps you interested, cares more about the community than making a quick buck off of them, and has a very friendly community. I urge everyone to at least go check the game out. After all there is no download, it's completely free with a very simple sign up.......what do you have to lose? Click below if your interested in checking it out and I'll see ya in game! Your virtual dog could be the next champion!
All images above are owned by Furry Paws. I was given permission to use them in this
blog by the owner and creator of furry paws Kahlem.

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