Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Hello Interwebz!


My name is Justin, but most of you know me as Ragetrip and this is my blog!


Hello, My name is Ragetrip! You may know me from Twitch, Second Life, Gaming, or possibly you just ran into me on the street somewhere or in a game shop playing some Magic: The Gathering, D&D or any other random tabletop RPG or board game I may have been into at the time. No matter where you met me though, thank you for stopping by!

What to expect here?

I created this blog a long time ago to accompany my live stream for gaming purposes. However, now that I've actively retired from Live Streaming and for the moment creating gaming content I have decided to repurpose this blog into something different. I will be sharing very personal thoughts and experiences in a series explaining how I went from a drug addict and criminal into transforming my life for the better in a blog series here. I will also be posting about all things horror, gaming, food recipes as well as other interests and aspects of my life. This is a very open, and truthful format for me to share everything. I hope you enjoy!

Your old pal,

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