Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ragetrip's Pad Thai Recipe

This is my Pad Thai Street Meat inspired recipe. Hope ya'll like it! Above is a picture of a batch I made up for a friend's birthday potluck. If you use the recipe, please share a picture of how it turned out!


 this recipe is intended to feed 4-6 people depending on portion size. If you are just wanting to feed 2-3 and not have a healthy amount of left overs you should adjust ingredients accordingly.


14 oz. thin strips of steak (Chicken or Shrimp works as well....and Tofu if your a monster)
14 oz. Rice noodles
5 Tablespoons Peanut Oil
4 cloves of Garlic (minced)
4 eggs (Beaten)
2 Bell Peppers (I used 1 Red and 1 Green to add some color lol)
3 Green Onions (chopped) (OPTIONAL)
1 cup Roasted Peanuts
4 Limes (OPTIONAL)
Crushed dried chili's (To your desired spice level)
Salt & Pepper (Season to taste)
1 1/2 cups Mung bean sprouts

Pad Thai Sauce

5 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
2 Tablespoons soy sauce (low-sodium)
6 Tablespoons Light Brown Sugar 
4 Tablespoons tamarind paste


Peanut oil is ideal since Pad Thai is semi-peanut based. If you can't find, or don't have though coconut oil, or even olive oil will work in a pinch.

If your lazy with the slicing, or can't afford good steak, you can always buy a bag of frozen Philly Cheese Steak meat. It's obviously not as delicious though.

Instead of Crushed Dried Chili's, I've heard of people using a couple tablespoons of Sriracha hot sauce in the Pad Thai Sauce, but do so at your own risk, I haven't tried it.

Mung Bean Sprouts are ideal, but if you live in a small town or what not, you can use other bean sprouts, or even go without them and the recipe will still work.

Also, if you live somewhere that you cannot find Tamarind, you can substitute in either Rice Vinegar, or if all else fails white vinegar. 

I've been told that adding a little peanut butter into the sauce is great, but I have yet to try this in fear of messing it up. Try this at your own risk.

If you do not have brown sugar, You can use regular sugar mixed with maple syrup and can't tell the difference. Combine at a 1 cup granulated sugar/1 tablespoon maple syrup ratio for a homemade brown sugar substitute.


1. Cook Noodles until tender then drain and rince under cool water.
2. In a mixing bowl, mix the ingredients for the Sauce together and set aside.
3. Break 3 eggs into a second mixing bowl and lightly beat. Set aside.
4. Slice your meat into thin strips or squares if your fancy. (Or be lazy and buy frozen philly cheese steak meat.....) and season to taste with salt & pepper.
5. Heat 2 1/2 - 3 tablespoons of oil in wok (or large skillet/pan) over medium-high heat.
6. As the oil heats, mix in your minced garlic to let it infuse with the oil.
7. Add in your meat, bell pepper, and crushed Chili's cooking until the steak is browned (If using Chicken, make sure it's cooked through) only flipping once.
8. Using a spatula push everything to one side of the wok/pan/skillet. Add a lil more oil to the empty side. Add in your beaten eggs and scramble, breaking them into small pieces with spatula as you cook them.
9. Add in noodles, sauce, bean sprouts and peanuts to the pan (reserve a small amount of peanuts back for topping/plating purposes). Toss everything a healthy amount to combine.
10. Top with green onions, your extra peanuts and lime wedges. 

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